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Alexander women's watches are exquisite. Elegant casual fashion and dress watches with beautiful mother of pearl, moon phase and colored faces, metal bracelets in gold, silver and two tone metal bracelets as well as luxurious satin fabric bands. Alexander offers quality Swiss watchmaking at affordable prices and is a great watch brand just like its namesake. 

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The Alexander Watch Brand

The Alexander Watch Company is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Established in 2007 and inspired by the legendary Alexander the Great, the Alexander watch brand aims to create and deliver watches with character, resiliency, and enduring magnetism just like its namesake. There are three things that make it a good watch brand that is already thriving:

Values Traditional Watch Making

Alexander stays true to traditional watch making valuing quality workmanship and attention to detail. Alexander manufactures its luxury wristwatches in Biel, Switzerland. 

Alexander watches are assembled by highly skilled craftsmen under strict quality-control procedures. They feature Swiss quartz movements, highest grade of  materials including surgical grade stainless steel for the case and bracelet and sapphire crystals.

An output of about 5,000 timepieces per year ensures each timepiece goes through strict control procedures.  

Embraces Modern Technology and Contemporary Aesthetics

The company also embraces modern day technology. The design and prototyping is done using computer aided design (CAD) software to render case, dial, strap, clasp and bracelet in a variety of materials and colors to identify the best design combinations.

Alexander believes in staying innovative to make watches with fashion forward designs, chic personality and superior quality.  

Affordable Pricing

Alexander offers Swiss watchmaking at affordable prices. Alexander women's watches fall in the under $300 and $500 price points. 

Alexander is a young watch brand but is already a success. Their watches speak for themselves. You can tell by the look and feel that these are exquisite and top quality items.

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