Art Deco Style Watches for Women

Retro-style Art Deco women's watches that will take you back in time to the 1920s opulent era. The perfect watches if you feel nostalgic about the essence of this bygone era.

Also referred to as Deco and Style Moderne, Art Deco was an era of opulence and geometric shapes. Watches and jewelry of this period were bold in design compared to the eras that followed.

Designs were characterized by angular shapes, sharp lines and symmetrical patterns-spheres, polygons, rectangles, trapezoids, and zigzags. Watches of this era were rectangular, square, tonneau/barrel, and tank shaped. They were large and eye catching, in rich colors and lavishly embellished with precious stones. They exuded luxury and glamour.

With style attributes that appeal to modern ladies, Art Deco style women's watches are some of the most coveted today. There are vintage Art Deco timepieces introduced in the 1920s and 1930s and still available today and there are modern ladies watches with design styling inspired by this prominent era. All are stylish and sophisticated classics that will look good on any woman's wrist.

Art Deco Style Watches for Women

What Is Art Deco?

Art Deco was a visual arts design style that emerged in Paris, France just before World War 1 and flourished all over the world. It lasted from around 1915-1935, its popularity waning after World War 2.

Art Deco was an eclectic design style that retained the traditional craft mortifs of the preceding Art Nouveau era but was different from the previous and following eras.

The designs were influenced by industrialization and fine arts, and included the use of machine age materials- metals and gemstones.  It featured jewelry made in platinum and decorated with sparkling diamonds and brilliantly hued color gemstones in abstract designs.

Bold and bright colors and angular lines rather than soft colors and smooth curves, and sleek pieces with geometric patterns characterized this era.

The Art Deco era was a significant period in art and design. Its influence is still felt and seen today all over the world in various areas from architecture, jewelry, design, literature and even entertainment -this was the era of The Great Gatsby.

The Art Deco era was an important era in wrist watches. It is during this time that wrist watches were becoming popular and various watch makers were designing and developing their first wrist watches.

That is why Art Deco style women's watches are still popular today.  With symmetry and style alongside vintage sophistication and glamour, art deco ladies watches are perfect for adding glamour to a day or dazzle by night.

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