Best Selling Women's Watches and Brands 2018

Here are the best selling ladies watches and brands for 2018. Among the best sellers this year are smartwatches, classic watches, fashion, contemporary and designer watches. Simple minimalist and sporty chic casual timepieces are among the most popular styles.  

Whether you want to find a nice, trendy fashionable timepiece for yourself or as a gift or just to know what is hot in the world of ladies fashion watches, find the perfect timepiece without spending too much time searching by checking out the top selling women's watches. Here is what the ladies are buying and receiving as gifts in 2018.

Best Selling Women's Watches 2018

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Top Selling Ladies Watch Brands for 2018

Michael Kors Watches: Who is buying: ladies who love trendy and luxurious looking fashion timepieces without having to spend a fortune getting a luxury or designer watch. Men looking for affordable luxe watch gifts that women love. Michael Kors watches offer accessible luxury. They are trendy and bold accessories. Luxurious looking timepieces without the luxury price tags.  From oversized to rose gold to minimalist to glitz, Michael Kors has it all. If you are looking for a bold and trendy timepiece with or without sparkle, look no farther. You are guaranteed to find something you will love among the extensive collection of Michael Kors watches for women.

Daniel Wellington Watches: It is not a surprise that Daniel Wellington watches are some of the best selling watches for women. They are simple and sophisticated. Classic and stylish. Their minimalist style exudes understated elegance. DW watches go with anything and suit all occasions. They are affordable and customizable offering the best value for money. The watch straps are terchangeable and include casual NATO straps and formal black and brown leather straps. You don't have to choose between a practical or a stylish watch, Daniel Wellington watches are functional, stylish, and versatile.

Citizen Ladies Watches: Citizen is a world-renowned watch maker with a superb reputation for excellence in quality and craftsmanship. Citizen watches are reliable, classic, and stylish. Why are a lot of women buying Citizen watches? The Citizen ladies watches best sellers are their Eco-drive watches that offer convenience for women looking for practical, affordable, and fuss-free watches. Eco-drive watches never need batteries or winding. They get their power from any source of light. Citizen's luxurious eco-drives watches with diamonds such as the much-loved Citizen Ladies L Sunrise are great gift ideas for women.

Bulova Watches for Women: Who is buying Bulova watches: ladies looking for stylish watches made by a real watch company are. Those who want excellently crafted watches that have style and affordability. Bulova is renowned for the highest level of accuracy and precision in its watches, without sacrificing style and beauty. They have an extensive collection of ladies watches at different price points. You are guaranteed to find your dream watch among Bulova watches - whether you want a diamond, ceramic, two-tone, chronograph, metal bracelet, the most precise and acurate, bangle, unique, or any other watch.  

Casio Women's Watches: Ladies looking for affordable and stylish digital watches and multifunction wrist watches are buying Casio watches. Casio offers precise timetelling so there is no struggle telling time with their stylish digital watches that display the precise time in numerals as well as easy to read analog watches. Casio also excels in multi-functionality offering wrist watches that not only tell time but also have alarms, timers, stop-watches, and more.  

Fossil Women's Watches: Women buying Fossil watches love menswear-inspired boyfriend watches, oversized chunky styles, and stylish timepieces. Fossil is a top fashion watch brand. Their wathes range from trendy boyfriend watches, mechanical skeleton watches, leather and metal band watches, smartwatches to leather watches with interchangeable straps.

Skagen Watches:  Who is buying:  ladies who love simple and minimalist timepieces that exude understated luxury and offer maximum versatility. Skagen watches are beautiful and affordable. Skagen's signature mesh straps add to their elegance. Their minimalist style makes them perfect for every occasion and they go with all kinds of outfits. No wonder Skagen ladies watches are some of the best selling women's watches in 2017.

Marc Jacobs Watches: Marc Jacobs watches are among the most popular and best selling women's in 2017 because they that have style without being flashy and their prices are friendly. Marc Jacobs watches have classic elements such as metal bracelets and leather straps, analog faces, medium sizes, and subtle sparkle. This makes them versatile - they suit all kinds of outfits and occasions.  

Timex Women's Watches: Timex is a reputable brand and Timex watches are inexpensive and functional. It is very easy to tell time with Timex easy reader dials and Timex Indiglo night-light. Practical and inexpensive digital ladies sports watches by Timex are some of the top sellers. Timex also has stylish classic and fashion watches for women, including NATO strap casual watches.

Kate Spade Watches: Kate Spade watches are among the top watches women love, buy, and wear most. There are elegant and luxurious formal styles: Kate Spade metal bracelet watches. Stylish and casual styles: leather band Metro watches with diverse faces and strap styles to choose from depending on what you want to express and what kind of statement you want to make.  

Nixon Watches: Nixon watches are among the best selling women's watches. Nixon has stylish timepieces with classic looks that suit casual and professional occasions. The most popular and top sellers are the big face Nixon Kensington and the fashionable Nixon Time Teller.

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Didn't find a watch to impress you on this list? Here are links to even more best selling watches this year. With all these options, I am confident you will find exactly what you are looking for:

Women's watches are some of the most popular fashion accessories in 2018. There are exquisite and stylishly designed watches that are just as appealing as other pieces of jewelry and fashion accessories.

Add the function of telling time and enhancing punctuality plus the universal appeal of wristwatches and you have the perfect accessories to your outfits for work, formal and casual occasions.

Best selling women's watches indicate the hottest trends and also the greatest and most affordable timepieces out there. The above are the winners and have qualities that make them among the ladies watches best sellers.

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!