Where To Buy Women's Watches

What are the best places to buy women's watches? Should you purchase online or in a brick or mortar store?

Where to buy watches is a personal decision that depends on personal preference, timing, availability and convenience.

The best place to make your purchase will also depend on the type of watch you are buying. For example, fashion watches are easy to buy online. Luxury watches are expensive and careful consideration is necessary when making the decision on where to buy.

Here, learn the various places where you can buy women's watches and the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision on where to make your purchase.

The Ideal Watch Shop

If there were a perfect watch shop, it would have the following features:

Price- Have the best prices without compromising on quality, warranty and authenticity.

Selection- Have an amazing selection from a wide variety of brands.

Legitimacy- Assure the buyer of the authenticity of the watch and the

Service- Reliable and quality customer service, questions answered by knowledgeable attendants.

Experience- A pleasant buying experience from the interaction with salespersons to the after sale services.

Warranty- Purchases backed by manufacturer's warranty in case of any problem.

After Sale Services- Easy and fast to get in a convenient way. No hassles.

Various Places To Buy Women's Watches

You can buy women's watches online or in physical stores. You can buy from the official brand shop or website. You can buy from authorized dealers. You can buy from unauthorized dealers that are also referred to as grey market retailers. You can also buy from preowned watch dealers and auction houses. Here are the pros and cons of each source to consider when making the decision on where to buy women's watches: 

Official Watch Shops

Official watch shops include brand boutiques and official manufacturer's websites and authorized dealers. Brand boutiques and sites only sell the brand's watches while authorized dealers usually have watches from a variety of brands.

Benefits of Buying Women's Watches from Official Sources

Some fine watches can only be purchased through authorized dealers or official brand shops. It is where to go if you want to find exclusive or hard to get watches by premium brands.

You get the full manufacturer's warranty when you buy a watch from official sources. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties for purchasing from brand boutiques.

Getting after sale services is a pleasant experience. You just take your watch to an authorized dealer or manufacturer authorized service centers.

You have peace of mind that you are getting a genuine watch. It is easy to return the watch in case you notice a problem later.

The Downside Of Buying Ladies Watches from Official Channels

You pay the full price or close to full price. Some sellers can offer a small discount. For some, the price is non-negotiable.

It may not be accessible to most people. There may not be an official brand shop or authorized dealer store nearby and the they may not have an online presence.

Gray Market Retailers

Gray market retailers refer to all watch shops and third party dealers that have women's watches from a avariety of brand(s) available for sale but they are not the authorized dealers for the brand(s).

They are able to offer deeply discounted prices as they are not under any pricing restrictions from the brand(s). If they operate online, they are also able to cut costs involved in selling watches making it possible to sell watches at friendly prices.

Advantages of Buying Women's Watches from Grey Market Dealers

You get the best prices and make a lot of saving compared to if you have paid the retail price.

By doing your research to ensure that you buy from reputable and trusted sites that have a friendly return policy and offer their own guarantee, you can get a genuine watch at the best price- eat you cake and still have it.

Disadvantages of Buying Ladies Watches From Un-authorized Dealers

By buying from unauthorized sources, you lose the benefit of the manufacturer's warranty.

If you do not exercise caution, it is very easy to buy from the black market mistaking it for the grey market.

Most of these sources have an online presence and some offer international shipping making it possible to shop for watches conveniently and from any location.

Buying Women's Watches Online vs. Physical Stores

Reasons To Buy Ladies Watches Online

It is convenient. You can shop from anywhere.

You are able to access a wide selection of watches wherever you are.

Some watch makers and authorized dealers have websites so you can still shop from official sources online.

Online watch shops are able to offer good prices for watches because operating online watch stores doesn't involve as much expenses as operating brick and mortar stores.

You don't have to deal with annoying sales attendants. Shop at your own pace.

You can window shop as much as you want even if you don't buy anything in the end.

Some brands only have their watches available online, in which case there is no option but to shop on the internet.

Most online sellers offer guarantees and friendly return policy.

It may be the only way for interantional shoppers to get the watches they want.

Downsides of Buying Ladies Watches Online

It is impersonal. You miss out on the retail store experience and getting help and guidance from the attendants.

You can only look at pictures of the watch but cannot touch the watch, inspect it and put it on to judge how it looks and feels on your wrist. Some websites have limited or poor photos of the watches.

If you receive a watch and it turn out to be defective, the return process can turn out to be a big hassle- time consuming and expensive.

If you have questions, you may have to wait for answers. In a store, you get prompt answers.

Some brands don't sell their watches online.

Buying In Physical Stores

Benefits of In Store Purchasing

You get to interact face to face with the salespersons who answer any questions you may have.

You can inspect the watch and put it on to see how it looks on your wrist and how you feel wearing it. This way, you can make a more informed decision.

Some stores offer price matching so you may be able to get as great a deal as available online.

Returning the watch for service or in case it has a defect is easy

Drawbacks of In Store Purchases

You may not be able to get as great a price deal as you can get online.

You only have access to the store's watch selection. To see more, you have to go from store to store which can be time consuming.

Watches on display are handled and tried on by so many people that they may have damages.  

Where To Buy Expensive Women's Luxury Watches

When deciding where to buy ladies fine watches, you need to consider where they are available for sale first. Some luxury watches are not available for sale online. Some you can only get to buy from brand boutiques or authorized dealers.

When you are paying thousands of dollars for a watch, you will want to feel secure and have the peace of mind that you are getting the authentic timepiece.There is no room for doubts.

You may prefer an in store experience in order to be able to examine the watch and try it on first, interact with the sellers directly and have pleasant after sale experiences.

You may also prefer to purchase from either the official brand shop or an authorized dealer. You may pay a premium but the peace of mind you get from the assurance that the transaction is genuine and the manufacturer's warranty intact is worth it.

Unauthorized dealers also sell women's luxury watches. With careful research to ensure that you purchase from reputable dealers who sell authentic watches, you can get nice deals online even though you may not benefit from the manufacturer's warranty. Do your research and consult people who know a lot about watches and dealers before you purchase from an unauthorized dealer.

Other Places To Buy Watches

Airports are amazing places to buy anything from perfumes to watches.

Auction houses eg Christie's are also great sources for watches especially for expensive and rare watches.

Pre-owned Watches Dealers

The decision on where to buy women's watches is all about making the best investment. Would you rather pay the full price and benefit from a guarantee of authenticity, warranties and service or would you rather get the watch at deeply discounted prices. It also depends on the cost of the watch and also your budget.

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