Women's Escada Watches Review

You'll love Escada watches if you want a unique, stylish and glamorous accessory. Escada ladies watches are Swiss made and elegant pieces of jewelry.

Escada is all about modern elegance, sensual femininity and cool glamour, and Escada watches have these qualities.

The Escada watch collection is fun, bold, chic and offers the finishing touch of pure elegance. They are sophisticated timepieces featuring beautiful workmanship and attention to detail.

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Escada Brand Story

Escada is a luxury women's wear label offering high quality and elegantly cool clothing and accessories. It was founded in 1978 by husband and wife team Wolfgang and Margaretha Ley.

Cool glamour, sensual femininity and modern elegance are the hallmarks of the ESCADA brand line.

The ESCADA woman is naturally drawn to the limelight and loves a feminine and glamorous yet fresh, modern style. Its seductive creations underscore and enhance the personality and femininity of today's modern woman.

The ESCADA SPORT line offers creative casual wear for sexy, dynamic women with a youthful spirit who love easy, uncomplicated and relaxed chic. 

Escada Watches Styling

Escada’s timepieces have the essence of the brand. They are all about cool glamour, sensual femininity and modern elegance.

They are fun, bold and feminine timepieces that combine contemporary flair with classic chic characterized by color, print, and the love for detail. They feature unusual designs and sophisticated, imaginative and striking details.

Their watches suit every situation from day wear, business and leisure to glamorous evening wear from parties to wedding and will appeal to both traditional and modern women.

Build Quality

Escada offers an immaculate line of Swiss made timepieces of refined quality and workmanship. They feature Swiss quartz movements and top quality materials. Escada women's watches are of good quality and the attention to detail is evident.

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