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Frederique Constant makes beautiful luxury timepieces defined by classic timeless elegance, innovation, passion, quality, creativity, high quality movements and materials and accessible prices. They have quartz, automatic, moon phase and a smartwatch.

Though a relatively young luxury swiss brand, Frederique Constant has already established its reputation as a top luxury watch brand excelling in mechanics and design and offering exceptional value.

With commitment to the historic traditions of Swiss watch-making and a fierce dedication to quality, Frederique Constant watches are known for their superb quality. The brand has an affinity for gorgeous designs and precision of components and assembly. A great choice whether you're a collector or looking to enter into the world of luxury watches.

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Frederique Constant  Brand Story

Peter Stas and his wife Aletta Bax created Frederique Constant SA, a Swiss luxury watch brand, in 1988 with a mission to 'let more people enjoy luxury' by offering 'accessible luxury' watches. They launched their first collection in 1992. The company was acquired in 2017 by Citizen Holdings.

All Frederique Constant watches are designed and hand assembled at their state of the art factory in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland. Every timepiece is crafted with a genuine passion for details. Quality is a strict priority for Frédérique Constant and each watch is checked and controlled by both human beings as well as special equipment to ensure optimal quality. 

Frederique Constant constantly innovates to offer creativity and exceptional value. They have more than 15 distinct in-house movements, including tourbillons, perpetual calendars, a silicon escapement wheel, which uses ultra-light silicon to help make the movement more accurate and their trademark Heart Beat movement which has a unique bridge for the balance wheel on the front side of the movement.

Among their latest creations is a revolutionary classically designed horological smartwatch with a cloud storage, activity tracking and a world timer.

The company is the official timekeeper of The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge and also the official partner of the World Heart Foundation.  

Frederique Constant Ladies Watches Review

Frederique Constant Women's Watches Quality

Frederique Constant watches have the meticulous craftsmanship expected with Swiss manufacturing. They are well made, Swiss-made timepieces with stainless steel cases and sapphire crystal to protect their watch faces.  

Their high-end watches feature automatic mechanical movements and lower end watches have quartz movements. Both types of movements are Swiss-made and are produced in-house. Some have elaborate mechanical complications.

Frederique Constant Ladies Watches Styling

The brand has great styling. Old-school style combined with cutting edge features and performance. Clean lines and a refined classic appearance. The brand pays particular attention to design designing watches that are classical and traditional yet timeless. 

All displays are analog, and a few have chronograph features. Many of their models include elaborate complications, such as day, day/date, moon phases, a world timer, power reserve indicator, and even a tourbillon.

They also have bling timepieces with gold cases and diamonds. Straps are available in steel, satin and exotic leathers. Cases come in three sizes to accommodate all wrist sizes.

Frederique Constant Watch Prices

Founded with a mission to offer accessible luxury, Frederique Constant offers exceptional value with moderately expensive luxury watches. List prices start at about $795 and most of their watches fall in the $1000 -$5000 range. Their most expensive model currently has a list price of just over $50,000. 

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