Hamilton Ladies Watches Review

Hamilton women's watches are very good. Classic, timeless and unique in style. Featuring top quality Swiss watch making, American style ethos and accessible price tags. Their offerings include gold, vintage and antique retro watches to contemporary designs. Quartz and automatic timepieces.

Though now under Swiss ownership, Hamilton hasn't forgotten where it came from. All its timepieces reflect its strong ties to its original American heritage. From the military-inspired Khaki Field line to the Jazzmaster.

Hamilton is a a respected Swiss brand among watch lovers and Hamilton watches are a favorite among all ages. They offer accuracy, durability, style, patriotism, innovation, technology, nostalgia and sophistication. 

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Hamilton Brand Story

The Hamilton Watch Company began in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA in 1886 as an amalgamation of three watch manufacturers. It incorporated in 1892 and produced its first watch in 1893.

In the 1960s, after acquiring the Swiss watch company Buren, Hamilton moved its production to Switzerland. Today, the Hamilton Watch Company is a brand of the Swatch Group.

From its founding, the Hamilton Watch company has pioneered innovation, quality and design with its time-pieces. In 1957 Hamilton produced the world’s first electric watch.  They were the first company to produce a digital wristwatch in 1970. Hamilton is also known for revolutionary designs and distinctive features. 

Hamilton watches were renowned for their accuracy, so much so that both aviators and railroad men relied on them. Hamilton has been making pilot’s watches since way back in 1919 and pilot’s watches are one of its most popular and longest lasting. 

During the rise of the railroad industry, Hamilton specialized in crafting railroad pocket watches eventually concentrating on wristwatches when they became popular after World War I. During World War II, Hamilton focused on serving the military, dropping its consumer products.

Hamilton Ladies Watches Review

Hamilton Women's Watches Styling

Hamilton's styling is unique and outside the norm. Their styles have a strong American style ethos, unique shapes, designs and an understated sophistication.  

Their retro watches echo styles from the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s. These designs pay homage to the past while utilizing contemporary details that make them relevant to the modern age.

Their contemporary styles feature daring styling  with unusual and sophisticated designs but they also have traditional styles and futuristic timepieces.

They don't have a large variety but the few collections for ladies are impressive. They have dressy, casual and sporty styles. Bracelet styles with rose-gold accents alongside leather-strap watches and pilot designs.

Quality of Hamilton Ladies Watches

The quality of Hamilton timepieces is top notch. The brand has a long history and excellent tradition in the making of high quality time-pieces.

From its founding, the Hamilton Watch company has pioneered innovation, quality and design with its time-pieces. Hamilton is a a respected Swiss brand among watch lovers 

They offer both quartz and automatic timepieces. All Hamilton automatic watches feature ETA Swiss movements. Re-releases of classic and retro watch designs such as the famous triangular Ventura range come with modern Swiss quartz movements. 

Hamilton Watch Prices

Hamilton isn’t considered a luxury or premium brand but rather a mid-price watch brand. Hamilton watches are in the mid-price range. Prices start at $395 retail up to about $6000. Hamilton is a leading brand for automatic watches in the $500 - 2000 price bracket.

Are Hamilton Ladies Watches Good?

Yes. Hamilton is a reputable brand with a strong watch making heritage. Hamilton has always been popular for making stylish and fashionable watches. They will never go out of fashion because of their quality, durability and affordability. With its long history, excellent tradition in watch making and high quality time-pieces rest assured a Hamilton watch will be a worthy purchase.

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