Top Invicta Women's Watches, Review and Brand Information

Invicta ladies watches are among the most popular and bestselling timepieces. They are stylish, attractive and well-built watches at prices accessible to everyone.  And Invicta has a good reputation for quality watches.

If you want an inexpensive watch by a real watch company to look fashionable and stay on time, this is the brand for you. No matter what you taste or budget is, Invicta has a watch you’ll like. They offer a wide variety of styles, colors, movements and prices. From sporty to dressy to casual models. 

Top Invicta Ladies Watches

The Angel, Pro Diver, and Elite lines are some of Invicta's most popular collections. Also notable is the Lupah, a tank (rectangular shaped) chronograph watch made for younger buyers. The Lupah comes in hundreds of thousands of dial colors and strap types to choose from. See more Invicta watches for women

About the Invicta Watch Brand

In 1837, Raphael Picard founded the Invicta Watch Company in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland with a mission to make available Swiss mechanical watches at affordable prices. This is why Invicta is often thought of as an affordable luxury brand.

Invicta is a Latin word meaning invisible or undefeated or unconquered. True to its name, Invicta has remained undefeated. The surge in popularity of electronic/quartz watches in the 1970s did push Invicta watches out of popularity for a while but the company was able to overcome this setback. Today, Invicta is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wristwatches and their watches for men and women are some of the most popular.

The Picard family owned and operated the company until 1991. Since then, the Invicta Watch Group is an American watch company with headquarters in Hollywood, Florida. Invicta designs watches but outsources manufacturing to companies in Switzerland and the Far East.

Invicta Women's Watches Review


Invicta watches have impressive and diverse styling. They offer more than ten thousand different models - sporty, daily casual, business elegance, to evening glamour. They have thousands of timepieces that will look stunning on the wrist.  

Build Quality

Invicta has been making timepieces since 1837 and has a rich history of producing quality timepieces. Invicta's reputation for building quality products is solid. They value traditional craftsmanship and offer well-built watches with technical and design prowess.

Their watches feature solid steel cases, stainless steel, leather and rubber bands, mineral, flame fusion and sapphire crystals to protect the dial, and many of their models are water resistant to 100 meters while other offer a higher water resistance level. 


Invicta began their watch making with fine Swiss movements and then embraced quartz technology. Today, many of their lower-end models use battery powered quartz movements while many of the high-end models feature mechanical swiss movements - both hand wound and self-winding automatic movements. 

Invicta Watch Prices

Like the diversity in their styles, the price range is also broad. Invicta offers well-built watches in price ranges that varies from inexpensive to high end.

You can spend tens of dollars or thousands of dollars or anything in between. What determines what you pay for an Invicta watch is whether you want a regular model or a limited edition and whether you want a quartz or mechanical movement.

There are low end models for as little as $40. Their regular models go up to about $1500 with most in the $100-$500 range. Limited edition models cost more in the $3000-$5000 range.

From its founding, Invicta's mission has been to offer top-quality watches priced within the reach of average buyers. Invicta has remained true to this mission and Invicta watches offer attractive, stylish and superior timepieces at inexpensive prices. Invicta ladies watches are some of the greatest values in the world of watch-making.

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