Analog Watches for Women - with Hands and Hour Markers

Ladies analog watches display time the traditional way using hands and hour markers. Most have two hands- hour and minute and others have three hands with a second hand. Some unconventional watches with 24 hour display have only one hand that moves around the watch slowly once every 24 hours. As for the hour markers, they can be numbers- Arabic or Roman numerals, indices, sticks, circles or stars. Their style is elegant and classic.

The dial could also be modern minimal with zero or minimal hourly markers.

Women's watches with military time also display time in the 24-hr format. For example, 11pm as 2300 hours.

Duo display watches also known as an AnaDigi watches have both an analog and digital display. They indicate time by hour and minute hands as well as by numeric digits.

Ladies Analog Watches and Display Styles

Arabic Numerals: Arabic numerals are the hour markers. Easy to tell time.

Roman Numerals: Roman numerals are the hour markers. A classic style.

24 Hour One Hand Watches: With military time display and one hand that goes around the dial slowly only per day.

Analog-Digital Display: Displays time in both analog format and numeric digits.

Modern Minimal: A bold stylish dial with no hour markers

Military Time Display: Displays time in 24 hour format

Ladies Analog Watches Styles  

Three hand women's analog watches with a second hand

Roman numerals are the hour markers.

Numbered hour markers in form of Arabic numerals.

Sticks/lines are the hour indicators

Dots are the hour markers

Has both Roman numerals and stick indicators.

The dial has both Arabic numerals and stick indicators as hour markers.

California dial with both Arabic and Roman numerals as hourly indicators.

What are Analogue/Analog Wrist Watches?

Analogue or analog watches are watches that display time using hands and hour markers.

The dial of an analogue watch has a rotating hour hand, minute hand, and sometimes a second hand.

The hour markers could be Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, sticks, dots, or non-existent.

Analog watches are the opposite of digital watches that display time precisely in numeric format.

Some wrist watches have both an analogue and digital display.

Being the classic and traditional display, analogue ladies watches are the most common, found in most luxury and vintage watches.

Every watch brand has analog watch styles so there is a wide variety of ladies analogue watches.

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