Best Affordable Ladies Automatic Watches with Great Style and Top Quality

Looking for affordable and elegant women's self winding automatic movement watches? Stylish and appropriately sized for small wrists? You've come to the right place. Find exactly what you want- ladies watches with self-winding mechanical movements, great style and nice quality at pocket friendly prices. 

It used to be that most of the appealing and affordable women's watches were quartz battery powered watches and attractive automatic ladies watches were by high-end brands such as Rolex, TAG Heuer and expensive. While this is still the case, things are changing for the better.

The interest in mechanical watches among women is growing. More and more ladies are starting to appreciate the mechanism behind a watch's operation as much as they care about its appearance and style. And watch makers are responding to this demand with amazing automatic self winding watches made just for ladies.

Best Affordable Automatic Watches for Women by Top Brands

For ladies who prefer self winding automatic that don't need batteries or winding daily, here are some nice and affordable women's automatic self winding watches. From simple classic styles with silver or gold tone bracelet bands or leather straps. Feature-full to minimalistic designs. These ladies automatic watches have it all: quality, style, beauty, superior function and solid reputation.

Also check out: Automatic skeleton watches for women featuring open apertures that reveal the beautiful mechanical movements inside. 

Luxury Women's Automatic Watches

Invest in a luxury automatics for yourself or for someone special. They are timeless classics and great investments worth a splurge.

Luxury ladies automatic watches are some of the best watches for women to invest in. They are also amazing gift ideas. Fine automatic timepieces are top quality in terms of superior materials and construction. They have beautiful mechanisms inside, require minimal maintenance, and excell in beauty and style. You can get one that suits your style and lifestyle best.

With premium automatic women's watches designed and made by some of the top rated brands for having the best self winding timepieces for women, you get to have both great style and superior perfomance. 

Choose among beautiful classic timepieces worth the splurge and elegant sporty or dive watches that you can take with you under the ocean for recreational dives and also wear to dressy occasions.

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Automatic Watches Information

The automatic watch mechanism dates back to the 17th century when Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet invented a mechanism that wound a pocket watch as the wearer moved using an oscillating weight that powered the mainspring.

Over the years, a number of watch makers including Hubert Sarton and Breguet improved upon Perrelet’s invention. It was in the early 1920s that an automatic winding mechanism small enough to place inside a wristwatch was developed by English watch repairman John Harwood. Rolex improved upon John Harwood’s design in 1930.

How an Automatic Movement Works:

Automatic watches are self-winding. An automatic movement has a metal weight called a rotor. The rotor is connected to the movement and can rotate freely. Automatic watches harness the natural motion of the wearer to turn the rotor, which winds the watch’s mainspring eliminating the need for manual winding.  

  1. Automatic watches have a rotor, a half disc shaped metal weight, that spins when you move your wrist and winds the mainspring to store energy. The mechanism is made up of a series of gears and trains that transfer and regulate this energy so it powers the timepiece and its functions. Here is how the process goes:
  2. You have your automatic watch on your wrist as you go on with your day to day activities. You move your arms as you walk, as you work and as you make gestures.
  3. These natural movements of your wrist cause the rotor to spin. As it spins, it winds the mainspring, which gets tighter and tighter as it stores the energy.
  4. Through a series of small gears, the gear train passes on this energy to the escapement device, which is like a brake. The escapement transfers the energy to the regulated parts.
  5. The energy is released gradually in a regulated manner and used by the balance wheel which beats back and forth or oscillates in a constant and specific manner causing the dial train to transfer energy to the hands.
  6. The energized hands move and the watch can tell the time and perform other functions if it is a complicated watch.

Automatic Watches Winding Intervals

A fully wound automatic watch can store enough energy to keep accurate time for about 48 hours so it will keep working during the night. Most automatic watches can also be wound by turning the crown manually.

An automatic watch draws energy from the natural movements of your arms when you are wearing it. If you go a while without wearing it, you'll need to wind it manually to kickstart it.  

Winding it manually occasionally is also necessary to keep the manual winding function in working condition.  

Automatic Watch Winders

A great alternative to hand winding automatic watches is to use a watch winder, which will keep the watch fully wound when it’s not being worn. 

Watch winders are rotating devices that simulate the motion of the human wrist and keep the watch running indefinitely even when not worn for an extended period.

If you have a collection of automatic watches, you’ll find a watch winder very useful. 

Automatic Vs. Manual Hand Wound Mechanical Watches

Manual or hand wound mechanical movement watches have to be manually wound by hand to generate the energy to power the watch. This is done by twisting the crown - the button used to set the time and date. This is the oldest type of watch movement and many watch collectors choose manual movements because they enjoy the process of winding!

Ladies Automatic vs. Quartz Watches

Quartz watches rely on batteries to run while automatic watches do not need batteries but use energy from the mainspring generated from the wearer's motion.

There are also automatic quartz watches that use an oscillating weight to turn a tiny electric generator, which charges a capacitor, powering the quartz movement. Automatic quartz watches provide the accuracy of a quartz watch without the need for batteries.

Automatic Watches Care and Maintenance

  • The best practice is to wear your automatic watch daily to keep it wound and working.
  • It is essential to wind it by hand regularly, about one every two weeks, whether you wear the watch daily or not. This keeps the crown winding function working. Wind the crown until you feel a slight resistance.
  • If you watch has day and date complications, do not set day and date functions between 11 pm and 1 am. Day and date mechanism is activated during night time hours and setting at this time could damage the mechanism.
  • Automatic watches rely on a wearer's arm motion but the mechanism can be damaged by vigorous movements. It is best to take your watch off when playing golf and other vigorous sports and activities.
  • Mechanical movements get dirty and the lubricants dry up with time. They must be disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated periodically. Mechanical watches require servicing once every 3 to 5 years to maintain their reliability.

Affordable Ladies Automatic Watches Conclusion

If you want quality, craftsmanship and intricacy, this is exactly what mechanical watches offer. Skillfully created by expert watchmakers, these movements contain an intricate series of tiny mechanical components working together to power the timepiece.  

Ladies automatic watches are quality classic watches and convenient mechanical watches because they are self winding powered by the wearer's movements. Provided you wear your automatic watch regularly, it will stay powered and you don't have to wind it daily like you would a manual hand wound mechanical timepiece. Nor will you ever need to replace the battery like with a quartz watch.

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