Top 7 Ladies Chronograph Watches - Best for Function and Style

Chronograph watches for women are appealing not just because they have a stop watch function but also because of their bold and stylish 3 dial display and multiple buttons. Stylish chronographs are some of ladies favorite boyfriend style watches to make a fashion statement. Whether you want the function or love the sophisticated multi dial display of a chronograph watch, here are some amazing chronograph watches for women.

Stylish and Affordable Ladies Chronograph Watches

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What Are Chronograph Watches and What Do They Do?

A chronograph watch is a watch with a stopwatch function. It is a multi-function/complicated watch that offers different ways to measure time at the same time.

In addition to telling time like a normal wrist watch does, a chronograph watch is a timing device that also measures elapsed time in seconds, minutes and in some watches even hours and sub-seconds. 

Normally, a chronograph wristwatch has an independent sweeping seconds hand controlled by a start/stop button and a reset button located at the 2 and 4 o'clock positions. These buttons are called pushers.

The chronograph makes it possible to achieve amazing accuracy and precision in measuring time events - from 1/100 of a second up to 12 hours.

Chronograph Watch Dials

Most chronograph watches have 3 sub dials on the main dial that keep track of tenths of seconds, minutes, or hours for the stopwatch function. These sub-dials are the sub-registers or recorders- they record and show the elapsed time. The number of sub-dials can range from two to three and even four.

Chronograph watche with a tachymeter function also have a tachymetric scale on the outer dial letting you calculate your speed by measuring elapsed time over a pre-determined distance.   

The chronograph dial is sophisticated and unique. The larger dial size in order to accommodate the multiple sub-dials gives the watch a stylish and masculine look that makes it a good choice to wear to make a bold statement.  

A chronograph is one of the most useful features found in a wrist watch. There are so many situations where a stopwatch comes in handy. From the kitchen to the track to the olympic to airplanes to spacecrafts. The Omega chronograph saved the crew of Apollo 13 when the onboard computers failed and they relied on their Omega wristwatches helped them come back to earth safely.

It is also one of the most popular and most common found in all type of watches, from affordable ones to very high-end timepieces, mechanical to quartz.

Chronograph ladies watches are functional and stylish. The complicated chronograph dial with three subdials is bold and masculine making for a watch with personality!  

Chronograph Watch Types and Scales

Simple chronograph-  Functions controlled using one or two buttons to start, stop and reset.

Tachymeter- Chronograph watches can have a scale on the bezel for measuring speed based on fixed travel time or measuring distance based on fixed speed.   

The Pulsation Scale (pulsometer)- Determines the heart's pulse rate. Perfect complication in a doctor's watch.

The Telemeter- It calibrates distance. It can be used to determine how far an object is from the wearer by determining how long sound takes to cover the distance.

Flyback Chronograph- It makes it possible to time successive events quickly without having to stop, reset and restart the timer. It is used where split second accuracy is essential e.g in pilots watches. 

Rattrapante- This is a double chronograph that has a split second timer or lap timer. It has an additional second hand that moves together with the second hand and can be stopped independently to time another event- the split time and then made to catch up with the first constantly moving second hand.  

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