9 Beautiful Real Diamond Watches for Women Starting from Under $300 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. They look good on any skin tone and they have a feminine sparkle that captures attention and imagination.

Ladies diamond watches are beautiful pieces of jewelry. Glamorous, elegant and timeless with a stunning finish. A diamond watch is the ultimate accessory. With the feminine sparkle and the way light is reflected whenever you move your wrist, a diamond watch is sure to stand out and grab attention.

Diamonds are linked to romance and diamond watches make the perfect romantic gifts for a girlfriend or wife. A diamond is believed to signify love, commitment, beauty and durability and is considered a` token for everlasting affection'. Plus Diamonds are a girl's best friend so you can rest assured she will fall in love with and treasure her diamond watch.

Here are some stunning ladies watches with real diamonds to treat yourself or someone special.

Top Women's Diamond Watches

Women's Diamond Watches Guide

There are different brands, designs and styles of women's diamond watches. The best ones will depend on what you like and how much your budget is.

Diamond Watch Styles

Diamond watches designs include gold watches with diamonds, silver tone watches with diamonds, diamonds placed on the dial as the hourly markers, diamond bezel watches with the stones set on the bezel surrounding the watch face, diamond face watches, floating diamond watches and all iced out high jewelry watches with diamonds covering the band, the face and the bezel.

It depends on whether you like your watches sparkly in an overt or subtle manner. There are flashy diamond watches if you are not afraid to show off in a big, bold and beautiful way. Then there are ladies watches with diamonds set in a subtle manner for a touch of bling.  

Ladies Diamond Watch Prices

Real diamond watches come at a hiked cost. After all diamonds are expensive precious stones. It can be hard to understand why a watch or jewelry with just some tiny diamond (s) can be so expensive. It is because of diamonds' rarity, uniqueness and the process of bringing them to be.

Diamond watch prices range from mid price to expensive to really expensive depending on the quantity, quality, size and amount of diamonds applied on the watch.

There are real diamond wristwatches for any budget from luxury diamond watches over $20,000 to very affordable but still quality and genuine diamond watches for under $500 making it possible for anyone to own a real diamond watch.    

What Make Diamonds Special and Valuable?

A diamond is a crystalline form of carbon. A precious gemstone that possesses extreme hardness and a high dispersion of light that gives it its valued brilliance.

If diamonds are rare, gem diamonds considered worthy of use in making jewelry are even rarer.

Formed billions of years ago, thousands of miles below the surface, diamonds are not easy to extract from the ground. And once they have been, a lot more processing, cutting and polishing has to be done to transform them into gems that are used in watches and jewelry.

Extraterrestrial diamonds originating from outer space have been found in South America and Africa. Its believed these were created in Super Novas and deposited by asteroids that impacted the Earth some 3 billion years ago.  

Diamonds capture our imagination. They are some of the most beautiful things in the world. As close to perfection as a gem can be. After looking into a diamond and experiencing it’s sparkling spectrum of light, it is easy to see why we are entranced by this rock.

Diamonds are so gorgeous, feminine sparkly and elegant and look good on anyone. Every woman would love to own and wear a piece of diamond jewelry. That's why real diamond watches for women are some of the most popular and highly desired.

Properties of Diamonds

Diamonds are not only rare but also unique. They are the hardest known materials in nature. Only diamond can scratch diamond. They are the only natural elements that can be used to cut and polish other metals and stones.

Then the beauty. A sight to behold. Pure diamonds that are the most popular and valuable are transluscent and colorless. This is why they pull in and scatter a virtual rainbow. Elements trapped in diamonds like nitrogen and boron can cause diamonds to take on yellow, brown, blue, or black hues. These colored diamonds referred to as fancy diamonds are also beautiful and valued.

It is their rarety, uniqueness and special characteristics that make them valuable and expensive. That qualify them to be classified as precious stones.

This is why they make some of the most finest jewelry.  And why diamond is used to denote the highest standard. E.g diamond record to indicate the best possible success of a music album.

Diamond Quality- The Four Cs

Diamond is valued by comparing it to an ideal of a similar size. It is then graded for the 4Cs that determine its quality:

Diamond Color- Pure diamond is colorless. Most forms have color. The clearer and closer to colorless, the more valuable based on their fire and brilliance. Fancy color diamonds are also valuable and graded for their color intensity.  The deeper and more distinct the color the more valuable.

Diamond Carat- The weight of the diamond directly affects its value.

Diamond Clarity- Assesses diamond purity and presence of imperfections, which are also known as inclusions such as cracks and blemishes. Diamond clarity ranges from flawless to various levels of imperfect. Imperfections affect the brilliance and therefore the value.

Diamond Cut- This refers to the symmetry, proportion and polish. How the diamond is cut affects its brilliance and therefore its quality.

American Gem Society Diamonds Buying Guide

Diamond Mythology and Symbolism

Diamonds have been treasured for their meaning, elegance and charming brilliance by all kinds of cultures for centuries.

The Greek believed that diamonds came from heaven and were splinters of stars, tears of the gods or crystallized lightening.

The diamonds and love association started in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy as a promise for their future marriage.  

In 16th Century England, uncut diamonds were set into “scribbling rings.” and lovers could write their romantic vows onto the exposed parts believing that they were engraving these messages into the window panes of their beloved. 

Cupid’s arrow was also believed to be tipped with a sharp diamond. 

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