Ladies Duo Time Zone Watches: 6 Stylish and Affordable Travel Watches

If you travel a lot or your work involves interacting with people all over the world, you'll find women's duo time zone watches that display the time in multiple time zones very useful. There are duo zone and GMT watches that display time in two time zones and world time watches that display the time in all the 24 time zones in the world. Here are some stylish and affordable wrist watches that will make it easy to tell the time wherever you are and complement your travel style.

Best Ladies Duo Time Zone Watches 

Multiple Time Zone Watches Explained

Duo Time Zone Watches

A duo time zone watch where both time zones are powered by the same movement. You can set it so that it displays your home time and the time for your current destination.  

The time for the second time zone can be displayed using a 24hr hand, a subdial or a window with a digital display to show the time in the second time zone. There are also two face watches, one face for each time zone.

Dual Movement: A duo time zone watch with dual movement has two movements running separately. These are independent of each other and are powered and set separately like two watches in one.

GMT Watches

GMT watches also display two time zones -  the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the werer's home time. It is also referred to as UTC watch. This kind of watch has the usual hour hand plus a second 24hr hour hand that can be set independently to display the time in another time zone instead of the GMT time, in which case it functions as a duo time zone watch.  

World Time - Multiple Time Zone Watch

World time watches simultaneously display the time in all 24 time zones. You can tell the time at home as well as determine the time for each of the 24 time zones in the world.  

A world timer has a rotating inner bezel (the ring surrounding the watch face) with a 24hr display and an outer bezel where major cities in the 24 time zones are listed. 

The main dial displays the home time. The user sets the outer bezel and can tell the time in a specific city and therefore time zone by reading the scale next to the city the hand is pointing to.

Some world timers also have a day/night indicator where a colored/shaded band shows the time zones experiencing daylight and those experiencing darkness.

The display is quite complicated but the functionality is useful for multinational executives, entrepreneurs and world travelers who operate in multiple time zones.

Bottom Line

The world today is a global village. With the internet, multinational corporations and outsourcing, it is often essential to know the time in different places in the world such as when travelling or communicating with colleagues, clients or business partners overseas.

Multiple and duo time zone watches are perfect for jet setters who travel a lot and people who communicate regularly with family members or clients abroad. There are different styles for every budget, style and function. From simple ladies duo time zone watches to GMT to sophisticated world timers.

A fashionable and reliable watch is a necessity when travelling. A watch with the ability to show the time in different time zones is even more desirable. For ladies who travel a lot, stylish ladies dual time zone watches are the perfect companion for the lifestyle.

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