Top Ladies Fashion Watches 2018

If you are on the hunt for a great fashion watch, here is your guide to the world of ladies fashion watches: the best ladies fashion and contemporary watches, the latest ladies fashion watch trends, hottest styles and top brands. Find the perfect fashion watch that suits your taste to accessorize your outfits and communicate your style. Plus learn all about fashion timepieces.

Women's fashion watches are about expressing personal style and individuality. They are style accessories with attractive and stylish designs, materials, colors and most of them are also affordable.

Watches are stylish, classic, and universal pieces of jewelry. The perfect fashion accessories to complete your outfit and express your style whether you are going to the office, to a business meeting, to the beach, to a dinner, or to run errands. The right watch will take your look a notch higher and offer an easy and convenient way to tell time.

Women's Watches Fashion 2018 is As Follows

The Latest Women's Fashion Watch Trends

Fashion watches align with the latest fashion trends and reflect current popular styles, seasonal colors and themes. Just like new fashion trends emerge every season, every year has its most popular watch styles dictated by certain factors.

From the newest releases by luxury watch makers to what the majority of women choose to buy and wear to what aligns with the current fashion trends.

Trendy Women's Fashion Watch Styles for 2018

Here are the watches stylish women who love fashion and accessories are loving and wearing in 2018. Whether you are looking for a stylish and fashionable watch or a practical timepiece that will suit your everyday needs, you will find something you will love among the trendy watches for women in 2018. 

Top Ladies Fashion Watch Brands

Today, almost every global fashion brand has a collection of watches. But fashion watches are not necessarily made by a fashion brand. Brands that specialize in watch making also make fashion watches.  

If you are looking for a stylish watch to wear as a fashion accessory, here are the top ladies fashion watch brands that make many of the best and most popular fashion watches for women. 

Michael Kors Watches: Michael Kors watches are the perfect fashion accessories. Beautiful, stylish, and luxurious. Get on your luxe wrist candy with an MK watch. There is such a huge selection. Whether you love simple classic  or want bold and trendy oversize or styles or a blingy timepiece. 

Marc Jacobs Watches: Simple and yet so stylish and some of the top ladies favorites. They are elegant and classic and affordable. Understated luxury and elegance that will suit the office as well as casual. 

Anne Klein Watches: Beautiful, sophisticated, fashion-forward, and affordable fashion watches. A diverse selection of styles: jewelry watch sets, bangle watches, ceramic watches, and more featuring mother-of-pearl dials, Swarovski crystals, and some with genuine diamonds.

Daniel Wellington Watches: Affordable fashion watches that are so stylish and versatile that they are among the most popular fashion watches for women. DW watches exude simplicity, classic elegance, and understated luxury

Fossil Watches: Fashionable and extremely popular timepieces. Vintage inspired leather timepieces, metal bracelets and modern boyfriend styles.

Guess Timepieces: Fashionable timepieces with innovative designs, sparkling crystals, and affordable prices.

Michele Ladies Watches: Luxury, beauty and elegance. Michele watches have these and more. They combine classic elegance with contemporary style elements.  And they feature superior quality materials construction and Swiss movements.

Kate Spade New York: Casual expressive and fun fashion statements and accessories. Perfect tools for self expression

Olivia Burton Watches: Extremely popular retro style modern fashion watches that are beautiful and charming with leather straps, big faces, pastel hues and decorative dials.

Skagen Timepieces: This Danish brand gets it. Clean and minimal style with elegant mesh bracelets and clean faces as well as hybrids with smartwatch capabilities.

Top Designer Watches for Women

Top ladies designer watches are made by some of the world famous and coveted haute couture fashion designers. These brands take their watch making seriously offering Swiss made timepieces powered by Swiss quartz and automatic movements and putting the same refinement into their watches as they do to their clothing and other fashion accessories. 

And for ideas on how to wear fashion watches stylishly and mix and match them with outfits, check out images of stylish women wearing watches as well as female celebrity watches: what watches famous women wear and how they style them.

All About Fashion Watches

The History of Fashion Watches

It all started with the birth of the electronic watch in the 1960s after the invention of quartz technology where watches could be powered by batteries. Quartz technology made it possible to produce inexpensive yet highly accurate watches in large quantities.

The 1970s quartz boom that followed crippled the traditional watch making industry. The popularity of mechanical watches went down. The luxury watch makers suffered losses in business. But they didn't give up.

In the 1980s, the Swiss watch consortium Swatch unleashed a new product: the fashion watch. They branded it as the watch to make a fashion statement. This inexpensive plastic timepiece, highly accurate and stylish, revolutionized the watch industry.

Luxury watch manufacturers, most of them Swiss based, are the trendsetters in the watch industry and the introduction of the fashion watch by Swatch contributed to the fashion watch boom.

People started buying watches to go with their outfits. Fashion brands made note of this and started making fashion watches to give their loyal customers their brand name watches to go with their other items.

The internet has also contributed to the popularity and growth of fashion watches and fashion watch brands by increasing accessibility and brand awareness.

New technology gave rise to the fashion watch industry and is the number one reason for the proliferation of fashion watches and fashion watch brands today putting a world of affordable yet luxurious watch choices at people’s fingertips.

What Are Fashion Watches - A Medium for Self Expression

``What you wear is how you present yourself  to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.'' - Miuccia Prada

Fashion is one of the most significant forms of self-expression and this also applies to fashion accessories such as watches.

Fashion watches are a means of self expression and are all about individual taste. The watch you are wearing tells the world who you are. Any watch, from a casio to a Rolex can be considered a fashion watch since every watch is a style accessory and says something about its wearer.  

You can make a style statement by the choice of watch you wear. You can express whether your style is trendy, classic, dramatic or creative. You can express your boldness by wearing an oversized, an unconventionally shaped watch or a bright and bold colorful watch that says you are not afraid to stand out.  

Typically, the purpose of a fashion watch (other than telling time) is to achieve a certain look. The choice of a fashion watch is an aesthetic decision. It is all about a watch’s visual appeal rather than how great its function or technological innovation is. People choose fashion watches based mainly on how they look and how that appearance makes them feel. 

Fashion Watches Definition

Any watch can be fashionable and be worn as a style accessory but not all watches are fashion watches. So what defines fashion watches? How do they differ from couture and real watches? Fashion watches are referred to as such because of these features that define them:

They are inexpensive. Fashion watches are usually affordable. That they are mass made, battery powered and most of them utilize affordable materials make them inexpensive. The typical price range falls between less than $10 to $1000 and under depending on the brand and the materials used. When you are trying out the latest trends, it is always a good idea to go cheap since trends are ever changing. Plus with style timepieces, you will want to own more than one. 

Vibrancy and variety are the spice of fashion watches. They are fashion driven and there are different styles of watches to suit different occasions, outfits, and moods. With infinite combinations of materials, colors, shapes, textures, and embellishments possible, there is a large variety of ladies fashion watches. This variety combined with affordability makes owning multiple fashion watches the norm.

They are marketed as such. Even a Swiss watch brand can make a fashion watch if marketed as one. For example, Swatch's colorful and fun fashion watches. Not all fashion watches are made by fashion brands but most of the fashion watch manufacturers are fashion brands. For example, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade... On the other hand, Fossil is not a fashion brand but makes fashion watches.  

Fashion vs. Real Watches

Fashion Watches

A fashion watch is designed to be worn as a fashion accessory to complete outfits and make a style statement. For fashion watches, the latest trends and aesthetics are the focus and fashion watches reflect current popular styles.

Typically fall under the $1000 price range, most of them are by fashion brands, they use affordable materials and synthetic gems such as crystals - diamante and rhinestones as accents. 

Most of the fashion watches are quartz, which means they are powered by a battery and are very accurate in telling time. Some have features such as chronograph and day date display.

Watch aficianados look down upon fashion watches as not serious or real watches.

Luxury Watches

They are fine watches made by real watch makers and do not have any associations with fashion brands. The number one focus is on the time keeping mechanics and most of them feature Swiss or inhouse mechanical movements.

Some have sophisticated complications such as tourbillon and perpetual calendar. They are expensive because of the expertise in their making, the top grade materials used and the prestige and exclusivity they offer.

Explore Women's Luxury Watches

Designer/Couture Watches

Fine watches made by high-end fashion and jewelry designers regarded as luxury brands. Just like real luxury watches, most are Swiss made and powered by Swiss quartz and automatic movements, they have sophisticated complications and make use of superior materials. Luxury and couture watches are fashionable and stylish but they are not fashion watches.

Are Fashion Watches Good?

It depends on who you ask and the purpose behind the watch. To watch afficionados, fashion watches are not good. As you learn more about watches and start appreciating fine watches, you may find yourself undermining fashion watches too.

For most trendy ladies, whether they are good is not a question they ever have. Fashion watches are simply a must have. That fashion watches tell time is the icing on the cake making watches the ultimate fashion accessory: beautiful, stylish, practical, and functional.

Here is why style watches are very popular with ladies and responsible for raising womens' passion for and interest in watches:

They are inexpensive and luxurious. 

There was a time when watches were just for the rich elite who could afford them. Watches were status symbols. Even today, there are luxury watches that are beyond the reach of the everyday person because they are too expensive and designed to be exclusive.  

Fashion watches make it possible to own and wear beautiful and expensive looking watches without spending a little or large fortune.  Most of them are well designed to look like classy and expensive timepieces while still being affordable, which is what ladies want.

They are easily accessible.

Apart from being affordable, it is easy to buy a fashion watch. You can buy fashion watches anywhere. Watch retailers, jewelry stores, mall stores, department stores and fashion retailers, online or in physical stores. Some of the nice watch shops online include Macys, Nordstrom, Amazon, Shopbop etc. Luxury watches are not as easily accessible to everyone.

Ladies Fashion Watches Conclusion

The women's watches fashion world is full of beauty and variety- brands, styles, designs, colors and materials. There are so many choices that everyone will find an affordable timepiece to express their style.

From cheap trendy watches to expensive couture designer watches by the most coveted designers. You can also invest in a luxury watch and get the best of the watch making world and timeless style.

The choice of a fashion watch hints at or declares who the wearer is. So go ahead and express yourself. Make your statement and reveal your style with ladies fashion watches that fit your personality, taste, and lifestyle.

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!