Best Ladies Gold Watches and Buying Guide

Women's gold watches are classic and beautiful. They never go out of style. Every stylish woman needs at least one gold watch. A gold tone that she likes, that matches her personality and looks good on her wrist. A gold timepiece is a striking piece of jewelry and fashion accessory and there are amazing ones for every budget and taste.

A yellow gold bracelet watch is a fashionable and striking accessory that will enliven looks. And if you like a subtler tone, exude girly elegance with a rose gold tone ladies watch. There is also white gold watches if you prefer the elegance of a silver tone. For more versatility, you can choose a silver and gold, black and gold or a white and gold watch.  

Depending on your budget, you can invest in a classic high-end solid gold 18k or 14k gold watch that will stand the test of time or enjoy the gold tone at an affordable cost with gold filled and gold plated watches for women.  

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More Popular Ladies Gold Watch Styles  

Oversized gold watches. If you want a bold statement watch, nothing will do it better than an oversized or a large face gold watch. Everything about it-size, color, material- is eye catching and glamorous. The perfect style statements.  

Gold watches with diamonds. A combination of the most popular precious metal and the most coveted precious stone and you definitely have a precious, valuable and very beautiful watch.

Vintage gold watches have twice the appeal. They are old and rare and unique and they are made of gold therefore valuable. Since gold never goes out of style and in fact gets better with age, vintage gold watches by top brands Cartier, Movado, Chanel, Bvlgari, Hermes, Rolex, Omega among others are always in demand.

Ladies Gold Watches Buying Guide

Shopping for gold ladies watches? There are questions you need to answer. Which gold karat? Which gold tone? Solid gold or gold plated or gold filled? 

Gold As a Watch Making Material

Gold is the most popular precious metal. It is also unique- most natural metals have a grey or white color tone. Gold is naturally shiny yellow.

Gold may be used to make the watch cases, bezels, bracelets or the most precious parts of the movement. Since pure gold is too soft and malleable for practical use, it is normally combined with other metals to make it stronger and harder. The gold content and the purity of a gold alloy is indicated in karats. The higher the gold content the more expensive the metal.

Gold Color Tones

Depending on the identity and proportion of the `other metals' mixed with gold to make it hard enough for practical use, gold alloys come in different color tones. Some luxury brands have their own signature gold tones such as Rolex's Everose, Hublot’s King gold and Omega’s Orange gold. Here are the top gold tones: 

The Three Gold Tones- White, Rose and Yellow

Yellow Gold

Pure gold is shiny yellow. To harden and strengthen gold and retain the bright yellow gold tone, pure gold is alloyed with a combination of copper and zinc. The bold color makes for a timeless and classic look for a fine timepiece that will never go out of style. It complements warm skin tones.

Rose Gold, Also Red/Pink Gold

To create red or pink gold, pure gold is alloyed with a combination of copper or copper alloys and silver. The copper gives it the rose-reddish color. The more copper added, the darker the hue. A small percentage of silver or zinc is sometimes added to achieve the desired tone. Rolex’s Everose gold also includes platinum. The rose tone is a very popular and fashionable option in watches and jewelry today.

White Gold

Formed by mixing gold with a white metal such as silver, palladium or magnesium. It also contains some nickel. A rhodium coating is applied to make it shiny white and give it a polished beautiful finish. Its appeal lies in its tone which is more discreet than the flashy yellow gold. It was first used and is still used as an affordable alternative to platinum.  

Gold Karats

The fineness of gold - the percentage of pure gold versus the percentage of other metals in a gold alloy- is expressed in karats. Karats indicate the gold content in the metal alloy and therefore the purity of gold. It is not a measure of weight. The karat is indicated as K or kt and sometimes ct.  

You will come across 14kt gold watches, 18kt gold watches etc. Here are the different karats, their meaning and how they are marked: 

Pure gold is is 24 karat (24K) gold.

18K: 18 karat gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metal. 18/24 equals 75% pure gold. 750 parts per thousand parts. Marked as: 18K, 18kt, 18ct, 750. 18kt is referred to as solid gold- the purest gold level that is hard enough for practical use. It is bright and radiant. The high gold content makes it the most expensive. 18 karat gold is the standard for gold watch cases and high end jewelry.

14K: 14 karat gold is 14 parts gold and 10x parts other metals or metal alloys. 14/24 equals 58.5 pure gold. 585 parts per thousand parts. Marked as: 14K, 14kt, 14ct, 585. 14kt gold has a warm tone and is also popular in watches and jewelry especially because it is more affordable and more durable than 18kt gold. It wears well and does not scratch easily. 

9K: 9 karat gold is 9 parts gold, 15 parts other metals. 9/24 equals 37.5% pure gold. 375 parts per thousand parts. Marked as: 9K, 9kt, 9ct, 375. Light yellow, most affordable. High other metals content makes it the hardest.

Sold Gold, Gold Plated or Gold Filled Ladies Watches

Solid gold watches are expensive but stand the test of time. They are the best if you want a watch you can hand down as a heirloom. Solid gold watches not only have permanent good looks, they also get better with time. You get some heirlooms to have in your family for generations.

Gold filled- Also referred to as a gold overlay. A layer of gold is bonded to the base metal surface so on the inside is a base metal and on the outside is a layer of gold. It lasts longer than gold plated. These are marked `gold filled' together with the karat level used in the filling eg 10k, 14k or 18K.

Gold plated/coated- a layer of gold is applied on a metal such as stainless steel or copper though chemical or electro-chemical plating. 

Gold plated/filled can be rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or even two tone/bicolor gold. There is a choice for everyone.

Gold plated and filled watches are affordable ways to have the luxurious look of gold and the different color gold tones at a friendly price.

The gold coloring wears off sooner or later depending on how thick the layer is, how quality the gold used is and how well they are taken care of.

Other Choices: An all gold bracelet watch? A leather band? Digital or analogue? Decorated with diamonds or crystals? Vintage, classic or contemporary style?

Why Are Gold Watches So Popular?

Gold and gold items have been popular since the times of Alexander The Great. It is a precious metal. Very rare and very valuable. It is durable and attractive. It passes its qualities to watches. Here is why gold watches are favorites for many people and the benefits of wearing them:

Gold in watches is iconic. It is a timeless classic. It was in style years ago. Is fashionable today and will always be stylish. It is luxurious. A symbol of opulence. Since gold has an eye catching and well recognized shimmer, it is the way to make a statement.

It is versatile. It goes with other gold jewelry. It goes with most outfits. It comes in different color tones- yellow gold, rose gold and white gold so everyone can find a gold hue that flatters their skin tone and for their preferences- subtle or flashy.

Solid gold watches, made of real gold (not coated/plated/filled) are expensive but great investment pieces. Gold is valuable and you can always resell your watch based on the content and purity of gold at the prevailing price. 

The stunning beauty of gold is unmatched. It is naturally lustrous and colorful. Real gold does not lose its shine and glow over time. You can expect it to keep looking as good as new as long as you own it as long as you take care of it well.

Gold watches are durable. Plus the fact that they are classic, valuable, versatile and naturally gorgeous, they make the perfect family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.

Buying Tips for Ladies Gold Watches

Watches made out of gold should have a mark showing the gold content and purity and another mark for the trademark of the organization responsible for the certification. Gold plated watches don't have this mark as they contain too little gold to be valuable. Always check the karat mark to clarify the gold content in the watch. If there is no mark, then the watch is probably gold coated.

If you are reselling gold ladies, the price you sell gold watches at depends on the weight and content/purity of gold in the watch and the current market price of gold at the time of selling. 

When buying gold vintage watches, check the mark for karats and also examine the watch to ensure the watch is in good condition. You can also have it examined by a professional to ascertain the value.

Taking Care of Gold Watches

Vintage gold watches have twice the appeal. They are old and perhaps rare and unique and they are made of gold therefore valuable.

Oversized gold watches. If you want a bold statement watch, nothing will do it better than an oversized or a large face gold watch. Everything about it-size, color, material- is eye catching and glamorous.

Rose gold watches. It is such a beautiful gold tone. This tone is a fashion trend today. Rose gold watches for women are very popular. It is perfect for those who don't like the bold and shiny yellow gold.

Gold watches with diamond accents. A combination of the most popular precious metal and the most coveted precious stone and you definitely have a precious, valuable and extremely beautiful watch.

Prevent Gold Smudging on Skin and Clothes

If you notice a black smudge on skin or clothes after wearing gold jewelry, it is not because the gold is poor in quality.

It happens when gold and the other metals in the alloy are exposed to some compounds in cosmetics, sprays and other chemicals, salt in food and sometimes even chemicals in sweat. These compounds cause corrosion and discoloration.

Prevent smudging by removing your watch when applying cosmetics and clean the part in contact with the watch before you put it on and ensuring no salt on your wrist and watch. 

What Kind of Gold Causes Allergies?

Sometimes gold is mixed with nickel to form white gold. Nickel causes allergies for most people. Gold plated watches where the coating wears off with time to reveal the base metal may also trigger metal allergies. Learn more about nickel allergies and hypoallergenic materials.

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!