9 Beautiful and Affordable Ladies Moon Phase Watches

The moon phase is an attractive and feminine complication but finding nice women's moon phase watches that accurately depict the current phase of the moon on the dial at an affordable price is not easy. Here are some quality, attractive and affordable quartz timepieces with moon phase display starting from under $300 plus some higher end options for over $1000.

Beautiful and Affordable Ladies Moon Phase Watches

What Is The Moon Phase Function?

The moon phase function in a wrist watch tracks the stages of the moon through its monthly cycle indicating if it's a new, full, half or quarter moon through an aperture on the dial, by displaying an actual image of the current moon's phase.

Astronomy and timepieces have been intertwined throughout history. After all, time units are caused by astronomical phenomena. Humanity has always been fascinated by the moon. Different cultures have had different beliefs about and associations with the moon. Some believed it could give them magical powers while some believed looking at it could cause lunacy.

Some cultures also relied on the moon's phases to recognize the right time to plant or start a journey. The moon phase complication was first designed to help sailors predict tides. While it has little use today, its beautiful looks and the sophisticated mechanism powering it make it one of the most desirable complications. While some appreciate its utility and technical prowess, others desire it simply for its beauty. It is considered an ornamental and poetic complication.

A mechanical reproduction of the exact lunar cycles on the watch dial is no small feat. Underneath the moon phase dials, sophisticated mechanisms that require a high level of technical prowess to make drive the lunar cycles. Luxury moon phase complication watches powered by mechanical movements don't come cheap.

How Does a Moon Phase Watch Work?

There are different types of lunar months. Watch makers follow the synodic month, the cycle of visible moon phases.

Most moon phase watches feature a wheel with 59 teeth (2 x 29.5 days). It moves one tooth per day with two moon faces displayed one after the other. This results in a lunar cycle corresponding to 29.5 days

Since the exact duration of a lunar cycle is 29.530587981 days or 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes, or 29.53 days, the moon phase is approximately one day out every two and a half years and needs to be corrected manually.

A more complicated and accurate moon phase indicator is the “astronomical moon phase” indicator. It also uses a disc but is driven by a wheel with 135 teeth. This is much more precise, resulting in a lunar cycle of 29 days 12 hours and 45 minutes and is only out one day out every 122 years.

Ladies Moon Phase Watches Display Style

A moon phase watch indicates the current phase of the moon by showing the illuminated portion of the moon, as seen on Earth. The phases of the moon are typically displayed through an aperture on the dial, which shows an actual image of the moon. Occasionally a watch hand is used to indicate the moon phase.

Some watches have the moon displayed in vibrant colors while some have its color blending with the rest of the dial. A popular position for the moon phase display is just above the six o’clock position.

Most watches display the moon as seen in the northern hemisphere. Some show the southern hemisphere while a few have double moon phases that display the moon phases as seen in both hemispheres.

Just like the sky, stunning celestial-inspired watches that capture the beauty and mystery of the sky and outer space on the watch dial look their best at night.  

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