Ladies Pocket Watches - Stylish and Unique Ways To Tell Time

Pocket watches are timepieces made to be carried in the pocket, rather than worn on the wrist. Ladies pocket watches are stylish and unique ways to tell time in the modern world. A revisiting of the old days and an appreciation of the traditional way of keeping time.

Pocket watches have class and sophistication. They are also timeless and can be admired and passed down for generations within a family. Show your refined style and appreciation for history with a pocket watch.

Nice Ladies Pocket Watches

The wearing and use of wrist watches to tell time is just a recent practice only widely adapted in the 19th century. For more than four centuries, pocket watches were the main way to tell time.

The earliest record of clocks that were stored in pockets was in the 14th century. These pocket clocks were too large and watch makers in the 15th century worked hard to reduce the watch mechanisms in order to make the clocks small enough to be carried in pockets conveniently.

Pocket watches were tucked into pockets, attached to chains that were worn on the neck as pendant watches or attached to chains of ribbons that were attached to clothes fob watch style. Men preferred the pocket watch style while ladies preferred to wear them as pendants.

Pocket Watch Features 

A pocket watch can have a visible bezel or it can be encased in silver or gold. The case is usually highly polished and can have a design or an engraving. They often have a hinged metal cover to protect the face of the watch 

Typically a pocket watch will have a silver or gold chain that allows them to be worn on the neck or securely attached to one’s belt loop, lapel or waistcoat. Some have a fastener that can be put through a buttonhole and worn in a jacket or waistcoat.

Ladies Pocket Watches Today

Wrist watches were not always the most popular ways to wear a watch. In fact, wrist watches are a relatively recent trend. Pocket watches were the first timepieces that could be carried around that most people adopted. They ushered in the wrist watch era- wrist watches are direct descendants of the pocket watch.

Today, wrist watches are the most popular watch styles for both men and women. But pocket watches have not lost their appeal. There are still women who are passionate about this style and appreciate its heritage. 

Today there are both antique style ladies pocket watches and modern designs by watch makers such as ZIIRO, MMT, Lexon among others.

More Types of Ladies Watches

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!