Ladies Quartz Watches: Battery Powered Women's Timepieces

Ladies quartz watches: the most reliable and accurate/precise timepieces. Watches you don't have to wind ever or worry about them falling behind! Just replace the battery every few years. 

Quartz watches use quartz time telling technology and electronic movements powered by battery. The majority of watches for women have quartz movements. Most ladies like the convenience and reliability of watches that keep running day and night, whether worn or not.  

Since quartz movements are compact, they are also easy to fit into ladies watch cases for feminine, delicate, and slim timepieces. Quartz watches are also more affordable than timepieces with manual and automatic mechanical movements. 

Ladies Quartz Watches Powered by Battery

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What are Quartz Watches?

Quartz watches have electronic movements and are powered by electricity. The mechanism is composed of electric circuits, a quartz crystal, and a battery.

Energy to power the watch comes from the interaction of small crystals, which generates a frequency that enables the watch to tell time and perform its other functions.

The battery typically lasts for one to three years before it needs replacement. Some quartz watches have rechargeable batteries that are powered by light for solar watches or a wearer's arm motion for kinetic watches.

How Quartz Watches Work

The quartz mechanism is composed of a quartz crystal as the time measuring device, a battery to provide power, and integrated circuits that act as the pathways for power transfer.

Electricity is transferred from the battery to the quartz crystal at a constant rate through the integrated circuits.

Electricity causes the quartz crystal to vibrate at a high frequency- 32KHz- generating voltage. The electric pulses are passed on to a motor via the integrated circuits  

The motor transforms the electrical impulses into mechanical power and sends the pulses to the dial train at a specific and constant rate. The dial train causes the hands to move.

Outstanding Quartz Movements

Breitling SuperQuartz: Breitling's electronic watches are equipped with Breitling SuperQuartz movements, which are ten times more accurate than the standard quartz movements.

Bulova Precisionist Technology: From its founding in the 18th century, Bulova has achieved a reputation for superior accuracy and precision. The Bulova Precisionist quartz movement, which provides accuracy to within seconds a year is one of the world's most accurate movements. In laboratory testing, it is three times more accurate than a standard quartz movement.

Ladies Quartz Watches vs. Automatic and Manual Mechanical Watches

  • A quartz movement has a battery as its power source. Quartz timepieces are watches you don't have to wind ever.
  • Mechanical watches rely on winding, manual or self-winding, as the power source. Manual mechanical watches require winding while automatics harness the power generated by the arm's motion.
  • Mechanical movements are made up of moving parts while quartz movements consist of electric circuits, quartz crystal, and a battery.
  • Quartz movement makes individual ticks. The second hand moves once per second making a tick tick sound. Women's mechanical watches have a sweeping second hand.
  • Quartz is less expensive than mechanical because less craftsmanship is involved in making the mechanism. Ladies quartz watches are therefore more affordable.
  • Quartz timepieces are very accurate and reliable time tellers. Manual and automatic mechanical watches lose or gain a few minutes every month and need to be adjusted every so often to keep them on time.
  • Ladies quartz watches require minimal maintenance - only replacing the battery every 1-3 years. Mechanical watches are demanding  in maintenance requiring winding, adjustment of time often, and servicing every 3-5 years.

Ladies quartz watches are widely available for every budget. If you prefer a battery powered watch that you don't have to wind, quartz watches are it.

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