Dressy, Elegant and Sophisticated Ladies Rectangular Watches

Ladies rectangular watches are the most dressy, being elegant and sophisticated. For men, dress watches with rectangular shapes are designed to slip under the shirt. For women, they are stylish and feminine and their ability to fit nicely on the wrist makes them perfect for ladies with small wrists.

A rectangular face can be the normal shape with straight sides and sharp edges or have the corners cut off. It could also have a barrel shape in which case it becomes a tonneau shape. Some tank styles are also rectangular based.

Most of the rectangular watches for women available today are inspired by the 1920s Art Deco era that was characterized by the use of geometric shapes and symmetry. Some are vintage timpieces from this era while some are modern with a retro style.

Explore the best rectangle shaped timepieces by top picks of the top rated and the best brands for this shape.  

Best Rectangular Women's Watches

If you want an elegant and sophisticated dress watch or have petite wrists, these are perfect. They are feminine, stylish and fit comfortably on the wrist.

More Ladies Watches Face Shapes

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