Best Ladies Two Tone Watches- Gold and Silver Watches and More Bi-Colors

Ladies two tone watches are stylish, attractive and versatile. Metal bracelet watches in gold and silver tones is the most common bi-color watch combination. The juxtaposition of gold and silver tones makes for a unique and beautiful watch that can easily be worn with a variety of outfits.  

There are also black and yellow gold, black and rose gold, white and yellow gold and white and rose gold bi-color watches. Their look is bold and modern and these timepieces blend effortlessly with different color outfits and jewelry in a variety of tones.

Ladies Two Tone Watches Favorite Picks

The Two Tone Watch Trend

This is one of the top trends in watches today. Opinions vary. For some people, two tone watches are a definite yes. Other think they're tacky. The two tone watch trend peaked in popularity during the 1980s then subsided until recently when two-tone watch designs began trending once again. It is especially a popular style in dress watches. 

Two Tone Watches Meaning and Bi-Color Variations

Two tone in watches generally refers to the combination of gold and silver tones.  The classic two-tone styling incorporates gold and silver coloring into the design of the case and bracelet.

Gold bezels on silver cases or the other way round, and mixed links of gold and silver in the bracelet. The dial is also two-tone in silver and gold to achieve a harmonious design.

Other popular tone combinations and complementary colors include silver, white, champagne, gold and black, gold and white, rose gold and black, and rose gold and white.

There are also bi-color ladies watches with colored dials so the color of the dial and straps/bracelets differ.

Materials Used

Various materials can be combined to achieve a two-tone look

Most of the duo tone watches are made out of stainless steel, which has a silver appearance, with a gold coating or plating applied strategically to achieve the bi-color look.

Solid gold is sometimes used to create more expensive versions. Sometimes, white gold or solid sterling silver is used in place of stainless steel.

Some two tone ladies watches are a combination of stainless steel and ceramic or stainless steel and acetate or resin plastics.

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