Ladies Watch Sizes and Fit Guide - Best Watch Size for Your Wrist 

Women's watch sizes and fit guide -learn how watch sizing works, understand ladies watch sizes, and determine the size that suits your wrist size and meets your style preference

Watch sizes have evolved over the years. Vintage and classic ladies watch sizes will either be petite or medium. Today, watches are bigger than ever before. Trending ladies watch sizes are extra large oversized watches and watches with big faces. However, the latest ladies watch trends are going back to traditional petite and medium sizes.

Size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a watch. Which is your go-to size? Are you looking to try the trendy oversize styles? Or do you just want the ideal size that will look good on your wrist?

To help you pick the right watch size so the watch fits properly and comfortably, and looks flattering on your wrist when buying online, this women's watches size and fit guide will help you understand ladies watch sizes.

Best Sizes of Watches on Small and Large Wrists

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Watch Size Dimensions: What Measurements Determine Watch Sizes

1. Ladies Watch Face/Case Sizes

The case is the housing of the watch. It houses the movement of the watch and also comprises the dial and the transparent glass (crystal) protecting the dial.

The case size is expressed by the case diameter and the thickness of the case. Both are important considerations when selecting the best fit and style of watch for yourself.

Watch Face Diameter

The face or case sizes of round watches refers to the diameter of the case and is measured in mm. Watches case diameter definition is the distance across from one side to the other.

For square and rectangular watches, the case size indicates the length, width, thickness and diagonal measurements.

The diameter of the case determines how large the watch is and how much space it takes on your wrist. 

Women's watches have smaller case sizes than mens. So what is considered small, normal, or huge? Typical ladies watches face diameter sizes are as follows: 

  • Small and extra small petite watches with small faces and thin cases. They have watch face diameters ranging from under 20mm to 25mm
  • Regular sized women’s watches are 26mm to 33mm in face diameter.
  • Medium sized ladies watches have 34mm-36mm case diameter
  • There are big face watches with 37mm-39mm case diameters.
  • Then there are huge watches with extra large case diameters 40mm and above, competing with men's sizes.  

There is no one perfect watch case size. It is all about your preference, what you are comfortable wearing, and the size of the wrist for proper fit.

Watch Case Thickness 

Case thickness is the width of the case - the distance between the case back and the glass like top of the dial. The thicker the case, the more prominent the watch.  

The case thickness affects the look of the watch. If you want an oversized look, the case will be thick and chunky.

The thickness of the case also determines how comfortably the watch sits on the wrist. A thinner case is more comfortable especially if you have small wrists. Also consider the watch style - dress watches have slim cases while sports watches have thick cases.

Watch Lug Size

Lugs are the extensions protruding on either side of the case where the bracelet band or strap is attached. The case diameter does not account for the lugs. Always have an allowance for the lugs when determining the ideal case size.

If the lugs extend over your wrist, the watch is too large. If you want to change the watch band, you need to measure the distance between the lugs to get the correct strap width that will fit between the lugs.

2. Ladies Watch Strap/Band Sizes

A watch strap is the leather/rubber/plastic/nylon band attached to the case that you use to fasten the watch to your wrist. A bracelet strap is a series of metal links that fasten the watch to your wrists and molds to the shape of the wrist. A watch band can also be a bangle, cuff, or wrap style.

The watch bracelet/band/strap length may not be a big deal if you have the standard wrist size but it is a big issue when you have very small wrists or very large wrists. Most women’s watches are sized between 6.75″-7″ while most men’s watches are made for 7.5″-8″ wrists. 

If you have extra small wrists, most metal bracelets are adjustable. A jeweler or a watch dealer can remove links to get the watch to fit. Most leather, synthetic, and other non-metal watch straps are designed to fit different wrist sizes and extra holes can be made.

If you have big wrists and need a larger bracelet, ask the watch dealer if extra larger bracelets are available or contact the watch manufacturer for extra links. You can also opt for watches made for plus size wrists or with expandable bracelet straps that are flexible for a proper and comfortable fit.

The size of the band or strap is measured in mm and refers to how wide the strap is. It is determined by the size and style of the watch lugs. The lugs are the projections from the watch case where the straps are attached.

The range for women's watch strap/ band widths on Amazon is: under 10mm, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40 plus.

Sizes of Watches on Wrist: How To Determine The Ideal Watch Size for Your Wrist 

What is the best flattering size and fit for your wrists? Wondering what the right watch face size for your wrist is? One that will not look overwhelming or too dainty?  Do you want a watch for small or large wrists or a trendy oversized piece? Large dial with slim straps? Is there a rule of face size to wrist size or can you rock a petite case on big wrists or an oversized watch on skinny wrists.  

There is no one perfect case size for every wrist size. Your ideal watch size depends on what style you want, what fits the size of your wrist best, and what you like. You want a size that suits your style, taste, preference so you will love wearing it but you also want it to fit properly and comfortably.

You've also got to consider the watch style and where you will be wearing it. 28-34mm is a typical range for ladies' watches. Mid-size (28-34) are subtle and appropriate for office/professional wear, larger (36+) for casual/sport/weekend wear, and small (under 30mm and under) for dressy occasions. Modern fashion and sport watches tend to be bigger than dress watches.  

Some things to keep in mind regarding the watch case size include:

The lugs are a very important consideration for proper fit. The lugs should not extend beyond the wrist. If the lugs are not near the ends of your wrist, you have a delicate and feminine dainty watch, which is ok if that is your preference.

The latest trend is to have a watch fill up much of the wrist without it being larger than the wrist.  Too huge a watch will look disproportionate and won't be comfortable.

It is a matter of personal preference. Go with the size style you like and one that fits well on your wrist. Something that looks good and you are comfortable wearing.  

How To Determine The Ideal Size of Watches on Wrist for The Best Fit: When shopping online and can't try on timepieces, here is a watch fit guide by Nordstrom where you get to try different sizes at the comfort of your home to determine what watch sizes fit and flatter your wrist.

Best Sizes of Watches on Small and Large Wrists

Do you have small wrists? You need a watch that has a smaller band length or is easy to adjust and with a case size and style that flatters tiny wrists. Here is a guide to the best watches for thin wrists. Learn the best sizes, shapes, and styles that flatter and don't overwhelm small wrists.

Do you have large wrists? If you have plus size wrists, then you will need watches with extra long bands, a style and case size that fits and flatters big wrists. Here are the best sizes, styles and brands to consider.   

Different Ladies Watch Size Styles: Classic and Trendy Watch Sizes

What Is Your Style Preference?

1. Love The Trendy?

Today, the trend in watch sizes for ladies is towards large watches:

Oversized/Big Watches for Women

The oversized watch look is a top watch style for both men and women. They are large than average or traditional sized watches. Large watches are modern and trendy watches, and have a chunky, menswear inspired look with big faces and wide straps.  They are bold and visible, perfect when you want an eye catching statement timepiece.

No matter the size of your wrist you can rock the oversized watch trend. It is all about getting the scale right by choosing a size that is proportionate to your wrist size.

Big Face Watches

A big face on a slim strap is another popular watch size style for women. These are stylish, bold, modern and feminine.  

2. Prefer the Classics?

Classic ladies watches and vintage styles have traditional sizes ranging from small to medium. Check out the classics.

3. Want Feminine sizes?

There are also dainty, slim/petite watches that are feminine and perfectly suit small delicate wrists. If you want a subtle and light watch, you will love these.

Ladies watch sizes are just as important as color, style, and materials when shopping for a new watch. You want to find a flattering style that you like and that will fit on your wrist properly and comfortably and look good.

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