Ladies Watch Styles and Types of Watches for Different Occasions  

Ladies watch styles are determined by the kind of occasions they are meant to be worn to, how they are used, who makes them and also based on their appearance. Certain types of watches are better suited to particular occasions, and there are styles for every mood from serious to easygoing, and every occasion from formal to casual and for every style and taste.

You may need different watch styles for different occasions. Buy the type that you need most or invest in a well made and versatile classic sporty watch that fits all kinds of situations. For an all-rounder, you can't go wrong with a classic metal bracelet sports watch such as a TAG Heuer, Invicta or Michael Kors sporty chronograph timepieces.

Here are the different types of women's watches based on manufacturer, appearance, style, purpose, occasions and who they are meant for. Click on each style to learn more about it.

Types of Watches for Different Occasions

These are the types of watches to own in order to have a watch for different occasions.

Dress Watches

Dress watches have elegant pared down designs and sophistication so they deliver a polished look that suits formal events such as dinners, family get togethers, cocktail parties, corporate dinners, weddings, work and any occasion that requires subtlety.

Most women's dress watches have silver tone, gold tone or two tone metal bracelets,  leather bands, ceramic bands, and luxurious satin straps and some are accented with diamonds or crystals to add some feminine sparkle. They pair well with a dress or suit, pumps or strappy heels for a classy and well put together look.

Casual Watches

Designed with a relaxed style for everyday and casual wear, casual watches are the timepieces to wear for laid-back agendas - sunny saturday afternoons, errand running, leisurely shopping trips, late brunches, going to the movies, coffee breaks etc.  

They have leather straps and metal bracelets to fun and casual materials such as rubber, silicone, plastic, fabric, to modern ceramic. Watch faces full of character with multiple dials, bold minimal dials to colored and decorative. Features such as large sizes, sporty styles, bold and bright colors to quirky novelty watches if you love cool and different.

Sport Watches

Made for working out, playing sports, or active lifestyles in general, sports watches are usually large and rugged but lightweight made out of materials such as rubber, titanium, plastics and featuring sport-related features like water resistance, chronographs, lap counters, heart-rate monitors, pedometers, altimeters and compasses.  

Sport watches combine style and functionality into an accessory that suits a sport. There are inexpensive casual digital styles made out of plastic as well as elegant ones with metal bracelets that also function as dress and everyday watches. 

Ladies watches are also classified as luxury, designer, or fashion watches based on who makes them, features they have and how much they cost.

Other Styles of Wrist Watches

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are style accessories that boast stylish materials and designs. They reflect current trends and align with seasonal colors, styles and themes. These timepieces are available in diverse colors, styles, materials, shapes, textures and embellishments.

They are usually offered at affordable to mid level prices and not necessarily made by fashion brands. They suit a variety of occasions from casual, everyday, semi casual, and some fashion watches also suit business and dressier formal situations.  


A smartwatch is a time teller, a style accessory and a smartphone accessory. Sync your smartwatch and smartphone via bluetooth and have alerts delivered conveniently to your wrist. Smartwatches have amazing features including fitness activity tracking functions.

Luxury Watches

Luxury women's watches offer the ultimate in quality, precision, style and prestige. They feature superior craftsmanship, top grade mechanical movements, finest materials and feature signature brand details. They offer exclusivity, performance, and longevity. The creativity, and superior craftsmanship that goes into making them is evident by the attention to details they exude. These watches often become heirloom pieces.   

Designer Watches

Designer watches are high end timepieces made by top designers in the fashion world combining their design skills with Swiss watch making mastery. They offer the best of two worlds: the style and design excellence of high fashion and the superior standards of Swiss watchmaking. Just like luxury in terms of movements, materials and cost. 

Jewelry Watches

Elaborate high end watches that showcase manufacturers gemstone setting skills and design creativity. Jewelry watches bridge the realms of high jewelry and luxury watch making. Bracelet, bangles and cuff watches made out of precious materials and iced out bling in the form of precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds. Flamboyant watches by Chanel, Piaget, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chopard, Breguet,  Parmigiani Bugatti, Graff , Bulgari, Dior among others.  

Military Watches

The first military watches were inventively fashioned out of need. Soldiers needed a way to coordinate attacks with precision so lugs were added to pocket watches where leather straps were attached.

The first wristwatches produced exclusively for military use began appearing in the late 1800’s and soldiers were routinely issued a military wristwatch with their uniform. 

When soldiers wore their military timepieces home while on leave, others saw them and the concept of wearing a watch on the wrist became popular with the general public. Thus military watches were responsible for popularizing the wristwatch.

Pilot Watches

Pilot watches are large, tough and rugged with large with extremely legible dials and luminous hands for enhanced visibility. They also have added functions such as a slide rule bezel for flight calculations.

Pilots needed accurate timepieces they could wear in the cockpit and manufacturers began to make wristwatches specifically for aviators. 

Today, pilot watches are advanced, high-tech timepieces featuring sophisticated features like GPS receivers and radio-controlled synchronization with an atomic clock and made out of modern materials such as titanium, ceramic and carbon fiber.

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