Ladies Watches Face Shapes: Stylish and Unique Shaped Women's Watch Cases

Guide to the different ladies watches face shapes- See the shapes watches come in - classic, trendy and uncommon shapes. From cushion, tonneau, unusual, tank, square, rectangle, and more

Ladies watch face shapes and case styles range from round, which is the norm to retro-style Art Deco inspired geometric shapes to unconventional watch shapes.

Which shape is it going to be for you? A classic shape or a bold modern one?  Are you looking for a watch in your favorite shape or searching for a stylish watch with a unique, uncommon face shape? Want a timepiece with an interesting watch shape to add to your collection?

If you want something stylish and different, your options include oval, cushion, tonneau, tank, square, rectangle, octagonal, and other unconventional case shapes that are unique, creative, bold, and cool.

Here are the different case styles and face shapes for dress, casual, sports, and fashion timepieces. Explore and find the perfect watch shape for your style preference and wrist size. Discover shapes and case styles you will like or decide on the perfect case style for the kind of watch you are looking for. 

Explore Women's Watches by Face Shapes

Stylish Ladies Watch Face Shapes and Case Styles

  • Round Watches for Women- The most common and usual shape in both classic and modern timepieces. This is the traditional watch shape evolving from tower clocks and pocket clocks. It is considered the easiest to read time on. 
  • Ladies Square Face Watches- A square is an open and bold shape. Square watches are unique and versatile. Both classic and modern. Petite square watches have an elegant and sophisticated style and suit small wrists. Big square shaped watches have a fashion-forward chunky look and feel, and are perfect for large wrists. 
  • Ladies Rectangular Watches- The most dressy, elegant, and sophisticated. Also feminine and suit small wrists. A geometric shape with an Art Deco era vibe.
  • Tonneau Face Shape- A unique, sophisticated, and stylish barrel shaped case shape. Tonneau shaped watches have convex sides (gentle curves on the sides) and a flat top and bottom.
  • Oval Face- Unique elliptical shaped watches that resemble an egg. Stylish and perfect for small wrists.  
  • Cushion shaped ladies watches- A cushion shaped watch face has a softly rounded square watch case with a round inner dial. It is a stylish and unique shape.
  • Unique/Unusual Watch Shapes- Cool, incredible, unique, quirky, unusual, and unconventional case designs and styles. The perfect watches to make a bold statement.
  • Tank Style Watches- Elegant, sophisticated and dressy with classic timeless style. Cartier Tank watches plus many more tank style ladies timepieces by other brands 
  • Ladies Big Face Watches- Watches with large faces are in vogue. They are attractive and masculine. Bold timepieces to make a statement.
  • Tortue Watch Shape: A simple and sophisticated dome shaped case inspired by the curved shell of a tortoise.

Significance of Watch Shapes

The watch face is what you look at when checking time. It includes the dial where hour markers or surface design are applied or painted, the transparent glass covering the dial and the watch case which contains the movement and the dial.

The watch shape is an important consideration when shopping for a watch.

Ladies watches face shapes determine the appearance and style of the watch. Depending on the shape, a watch can have an elegant, dressy, chunky, or cool vibe. The shape also affects how flattering and comfortable the watch fits on the wrist.

Watches come in all kinds of case styles. The above are the top ladies watches face shapes as well as some stylish and unique ones. Whether you love usual or unconventional watch shapes, you will definitely want a watch shape that suits your likes, looks good on your wrist, and is appropriate for the watch style/occasion.  

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