9 Best Ladies Watches for Large Wrists - Stylish with Extra Long Bands

The best women's watches for plus size wrists fit comfortably and complement large wrists. They have sufficiently long straps, adjustable bracelets with extra links available, or feature expandable watch bands. Cases, designs, and other details are sized and scaled to suit big wrists. No sacrificing style and quality for fit

Here, find some top picks of gorgeous ladies watches for large wrists plus information on the best brands for plus size wrist watches and where to buy women's watches and extra long bands for big wrists.

Stylish Women's Watches for Large Wrists 

Tell time stylishly with beautiful watches that fit comfortably and look good on your wrist. Here are quality and stylish women's watches with extra long or extendable bands and styles that flatter 8+ inch wrists.  

Best Brands for Plus Size Women's Watches

  • Michael Kors has luxurious and fashionable ladies watches for large wrists that have the right face sizes for thick wrists, long bracelets, and extra links can be secured.
  • Some specialty plus size clothing and accessories brands also have nice watches specially designed for big wrists. Check out: Asos Curve and Lane Bryant watches
  • Other great brands for watches styled, sized and scaled just right for plus size wrists complete with extra large bands or extra links availability include Anne Klein, Invicta, Nixon, Fossil, Guess, Citizen, Timex, Casio, Seiko, La Mer, Movado, WeWood, Philip Stein, XOXO, Geneva, Juicy Couture, Luxurman, and Lorus among others.

Where To Buy Women's Watches for Plus Size Wrists

  • Classic Plus Size Jewelry- has casual and dress ladies watches with different face styles and long-length straps 8, 9 and up inch long.
  • WeWood Watches: stylish and unique wood watches with large faces and bands over 8 inches (220 mm) long with extra links available for purchase.
  • Full Beauty (One Stop Plus) - ladies watches for large wrists in different shapes and styles for sizes 12+.
  • Amazon, Nordstrom, and Macys- wide variety of branded watches, sizes, styles, colors, and prices including options with extra long or adjustable bands for wide wrists.

Best Sources for Extra Long Watch Bands

Standard women's watches bands are made to fit 6.5 to 7.5" wrist sizes. If you have a 8" wrist size, you will need extra long straps for the perfect fit. You can get them at:  

  • Watch Band Center has extra long (XL) straps by various brands. A variety of colors and designs.
  • Extend-ITs -  XL, XXL and XXXL women's watch bands for extra large wrists.
  • Esslinger has a a wide selection including expansion bands. Select by length, size, and color.
  • Strap factory has extra long watch straps in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Strapsco has a variety of watch band sizes including extra long ones.

How To Determine Your Ideal Watch Size for The Perfect Fit

Find out the ideal watch face size for your wrist by following this guide to see how different watch case sizes will look on your wrist. This way, you will know the exact size to order to get a stylish timepiece that looks good on your wrist. Watches with 38 mm- 42 mm case diameters suit 7.5+" wrist sizes perfectly.

To determine what length of watch strap you need, wrap a string around your wrist allowing some room for the clasps and for comfort. Mark where the string reaches and use a ruler to measure the length then subtract the diameter of the watch case to determine the band length you need for a comfortable fit.

The standard women's watches bands are made to fit 6.5 to 7.5" wrist sizes. You may need extra long straps made to fit 7.5+" wrist sizes.

Flattering Ladies Watch Styles for Large Wrists

Watch styles that suit and complement large wrists include: 

  • Cuff bracelet watches, chain-link, and double wrap watches.
  • Ladies watches with stretch bands offer a flexible and comfortable fit.

Today, plenty of ladies watches are bigger and more prominent. Women like wearing men's or menswear inspired watches. If you have large wrists, you have a lot of options when it comes to fashionable ladies watches for large wrists.

There is no need to suffer discomfort, squeezes, pinches, and poor circulation from wearing watches that are too tight. You can have a stylish and nice looking watch that fits your preference and wrist size. It comes down to what style you prefer.

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