Stylish and Affordable Ladies Watches with Day and Date Display

Keep forgetting what day and date it is and often find yourself consulting a calendar, computer, phone or whoever is near? Ladies watches with day and date were made for you. You can get one with date display only, one with day and date display or one that shows the day, date and month on the dial. Even better is a perpetual calendar watch that you don't have to adjust manually.

Ladies Watches with Day and Date and Perpetual Calendars

Wrist Watch Calendar Functions

With Date Display

This is where the date is displayed on the watch. It is the most common and also the simplest wristwatch function. 

The date is displayed through a date window, a small subdial known as an aperture located on various positions on a watch’s dial most often at the 3 o’clock. Some watches use a “Cyclops” or magnifier so that the date is easier to read. Big date is where a large window shows the date.

  • Digital Date: The date is displayed in numerical format.
  • Analog Date: Pointer date style where a center hand points to the current date. It is also known as bankers date.  

With Day and Date Display

A simple calendar watch with a small calendar window on the dial where the day of the week and date today are displayed. The most common way is to have the date aperture in the noon position and the date at three o’clock.

Triple Calendar Watches with Date Day and Month Display

This calendar displays the date, the day of the week and the month. They have many different display positions.

It requires updating at the end of 30-days months and at the end of february. Another calendar watch is the Quantième Complet or full calendar, which requires adjustments for all months with less than 31 days.

Annual Calendar

Displays the day, date and month. It self-adjusts for 30 and 31-day months. You only need to adjust it manually at the end of February to ensure that it is always displaying the correct date.

Ladies Perpetual Calendar Watches

This is the most complex calendar function in a wrist watch. In mechanical watches, it is very expensive and rare, found in high end luxury watches. It is sometimes referred to as a quantieme perpetual.

It displays the date, day, month in a perpetual (continuous) manner, self adjusting for the different lengths of the months and leap years. It knows the number of days in each month and knows the number of days in all years and accounts for these automatically. 

A perpetual calendar watch needs adjustments three times in 400 years, as perpetual calendar watches follow the Julian calendar and not the Gregorian calendar we follow. As long as the timepiece is kept wound and running, the calendar complication will be functional and accurate and will need updating next in 2100.

Equation of Time

An even more sophisticated perpetual calendar takes into account the equation of time measuring the minutes difference there is between the calendar time and the actual solar time.

Only a few days are exactly 24 hours long. Most days are actually several minutes longer or shorter. This is the difference between the calendar day and the solar day length. The equation of time complication shows the addition or subtraction of minutes for the day.

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