Best Leather Watches for Women in 2018 - Classic and Trendy Options

Ladies leather strap watches are classic and timeless. Leather watches suit all kinds of outfits and occasions from formal dressy, to work to casual and have a lighter feel than metal bracelets. Leather straps are comfortable to wear and add a style flair to a watch. Dark, distressed leather lends a vintage feel, while bright colors have a fresh and fashion-forward feel. 

Leather watch straps are as old as the wrist watch itself. During World War 1, soldiers needed a more convenient way to check time without having to reach for their pocket watches. They improvised their pocket watches by adding metal extensions where leather straps were attached. Today, leather watch bands are some of the most popular women's watch straps. 

And there are so many styles to choose from. From the traditional black and brown straps to trendy new styles that are interesting and glamorous - textured and glittering metallics to dyed leather in a variety of colors to wrap around styles. Here are some beautiful and stylish leather watches for women by great brands.

Brown and Black Ladies Leather Strap Watches

Neutral black and brown bands have timeless appeal and never go out of style. The traditional leather watches we love for their versatility and understated style.  

Fashionable Leather Timepieces - The Latest Trends in Ladies Leather Watches 

  • The understated minimalist leather watch look in is vogue.
  • White watches for women are beautiful, timeless and also fashionable right now.
  • Ladies leather strap watches with double or triple strap bands are elegant, sophisticated and feminine. Great styles for a woman who wants a stylish leather watch in her accessories wardrobe. 
  • Most classic leather watches have a plain face and simple strap, which may be too basic. If you are craving some color on your wrist, ladies watches with colored straps are fashionable, beautiful and look striking look on the wrist.
  • From pastel colors such as soft pink and beige to bold and vibrant hues that enliven the look such as reds, fuschia, purples, blues, oranges. 
  • Watches with big faces and thin leather straps are also fashionable and feminine. The bold faces make for attention grabbing timepieces while the thin leather straps add a feminine touch.

Leather Watch Bands Information

Types of Leather Watch Straps

Sources of hide vary from the usual cowhide to exotic hides such as ostrich, crocodile, lizard, horse, alligator, snake, shark, buffalo. Often, a cowhide strap is finished with an alligator or crocodile pattern, which is both cost-effective and environmentally sensitive.

Exotic leather watch bands symbolize wealth and prestige and are very popular in luxury leather watches. Many of these materials are covered by the CITES Convention to ensure presevation of the wild species involved. 

Each hide is unique and has its very own character, such as a specific color shade, grain and consistency. This is accentuated farther by the workmanship and finishing applied by the manufacturer.

Leather is available in many hues and textures. Plain and smooth patent leather to embossed, padded, braided, woven, textured, grained, satin dressed, or decorated with patterns and animal prints to add style. It can be chemically tanned or naturally/vegetable tanned leather. Colors range from the classic neutral black and brown tones to colorful dyed leathers.

While the aesthetic and texture of leather is difficult to duplicate, faux leather is now a popular watch material. It is created with layers of fiber for strength and rubber-like material to imitate the leather look and feel. Not all faux leathers are as durable as real leather, but faux leather can be designed to imitate any type of leather from basic hide to snakeskin. Faux leather is not only more versatile and much more affordable than genuine leather, it also comes in a wide range of colors.

Leather straps prices depend on the quality and exclusivity of the leather, the treatment applied, the crafting, the stitching, the deployant buckle used as well as the watch brand and the strap maker.

When selecting a leather band, look at quality and of course the small details like the stitching. Always consider the suitability to your style.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leather Watch Straps

Benefits of Ladies Watches with Leather Bands

Leather is form-fitting and comfortable to wear.

Compared to metal and rubber, leather is easier to form and fit different lug widths and a leather strap can easily be changed to completely update the watch.

Simplicity- Nothing too flashy. Just simple, elegant and functional.

Easy to care for and maintain- just wiping with a dry cloth to eliminate  dirt.

Variety- Leather watch straps are available in a wide range of colors, styles, stitchings and textures.

Leather is durable and leather watchbands will last for decades with proper care.

Leather ages well. Most leathers evolve over time developing unique patinas that look even better than when new.

Disadvantages of Leather Watch Straps

Leather is not water resistant and leather can be damaged by water.

In hot and humid conditions, leather straps can get a bit sticky and uncomfortable.

Leather can stain as it ages and dyed and imitation leather also fades with time.

Some leather bands can be stiff and uncomfortable to wear.


Leather usually does not require anything more than surface cleaning by wiping with a dry cloth to eliminate surface dirt.  

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