Best Luxury Women's Watches for Ladies with Fine Taste

If you want a timepiece beyond the basics. You care about the mechanism in operation inside the watch. You are passionate about the tradition of watchmaking. You want a unique, classy, and sophisticated timepiece. Not merely a time teller. You want the best quality and are willing to pay for it. Luxury women's watches are what you are looking for.

A luxury watch signifies a woman's appreciation for style, class and tradition. Today, women's interest in and demand for luxury mechanical watches is growing and watch makers are releasing luxury women's watches that match technical advancement with elegance.

If you appreciate the finer things in life, there are plenty of luxury watches that will satisfy your desire to wear the very best whether you appreciate mechanical complexity or are a style conscious fashionista who prefers glittering timepieces from top designers.

Whether you're looking for an entry level automatic luxury watch, want a fine timepiece to mark a life event or milestone - bonus, promotion, graduation, are on the search for a nice gift for a special lady in your life or just want to explore the world of ladies luxury watches, here is a guide to the top ladies high end watches. The finest timepieces for women by the top brands in the world of watch making.

Top Ladies Luxury Watches and Brands

Women's Luxury Watch Trends - New Ladies Luxury Watches Unveiled at Baselworld and SIHH 2017

The new women's luxury watches 2017 showcased at the two major annual watch trade shows: SIHH - Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie - held in Geneva, Switzerland every January and Baselworld held in Basel, Switzerland every March.

SIHH stands for the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. It is an annual invite-only watch trade show, organized mainly by The Richemont Group in collaboration with some other prestigious brands. BaselWorld is a yearly watch and jewelry show held in Basel, Switzerland.  

Below is a photo gallery of the new luxury watches for women in 2017. See the entire ladies luxury watches board at Pinterest

What Are Luxury Watches?

Lets define luxury as the enjoyment of the best in life. Wrist watches are tools that tell what time it is. Luxury watches tell the time but are more than that. Just like fine wine, designer perfume, art, fine jewelry, vintage cars, luxury watches are about taste, appreciation for quality, and the enjoyment of the finest things in life.  

Luxury watches are the finest timepieces featuring the best of watch making. They are made using the finest materials - precious metals such as solid gold and platinum, top grade stainless steel, solid ceramic, sapphire crystals, and real gemstones such as diamonds. They are powered by the finest movements made in Switzerland. They are products of the finest craftsmanship in watch making showcasing the finest in design, precision, and innovation. Made by reputable and highly coveted watch makers, they also feature signature brand details. 

And because the finer things in life come at a price, luxury watches don't come cheap. They range from under a thousand dollars to six figures depending on the level of fineness and exclusivity. But they are worth it because they are classics built to last a lifetime without losing style and appeal. If you take care of them properly, they can serve you forever, lasting for generations and becoming family heirlooms.

What Defines Luxury Watches?

Qualities of luxury women's watches that make them the finest:

Quality- The finest things should be quality. No skimping to keep the price down. People are willing to pay to get only the best. From the finest materials, stunning designs and superior craftsmanship, luxury watches exude premium quality and functions.

Attention to Details- Even a person who doesn't know much about watches can tell that a luxury timepiece is a premium quality item because of the obvious keen attention to details in design, assembling, and finishing.

Exclusivity- They have original to distinctive designs. Not everyone can afford or is willing to pay for the finest watches. Some ultra luxury models are limited editions. They offer prestige, class, and are the ultimate status symbols.

Advanced Functionality- Most ladies luxury watches do more than tell time. They have complications from simple day date display to chronographs to moon phase display to tourbillon as you go up the luxury watch ladder.

Movements- Most are mechanical and automatic watches. Some true and ultra luxury feature impressive super-quartz and Chronometer-grade mechanical movements.

Finest Materials- Luxury watches are made from the highest quality materials. High grade metals whether steel or gold, high quality leather, precious metals- real gold, platinum, and precious stones- diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and other gems. Some have exotic materials such as exotic leather, velvet, and mink straps.

Diamonds- This is the most common feature in ladies luxury watches. Watchmakers do not take it lightly that diamonds are a girl's BFF. Whether you prefer a hint of sparkle or to dazzling levels, there are sporty to dressy styles women's luxury watches with diamonds in different sizes, cuts, weights, and amounts from subtle to iced out levels.

Gorgeous and Stunning- The finest materials assembled by expert watch-makers paying the highest attention to details equals the most beautiful arm and eye candy.

Refinement- Luxury watches for women are refined, and the embodiment of attention to details. Classic designs that exude class, sophistication and elegance.

They are Expensive- All these good features don't come cheap. Given that luxury watches are not basic essentials, most people consider them an extravagant expense. But luxury watch owners and buyers know the benefits of owning them. They enjoy the finest in life and appreciate superior quality.

The History of Luxury Watches

Luxury watches have existed since the 1500’s. This is when people first began wearing their own timepieces. These first personal timepieces were luxuries: they were 100% handmade jewelry timepieces with elaborate ornamentation and were out of reach for the masses. Only heads of state, nobility, and the very wealthy could afford them.

By the 1600’s, watchmakers were able to make watches smaller and it became fashionable for successful businessmen to carry pocket timepieces. These early pocket watches were still handmade and quite expensive. The pocket watch remained a luxury for the wealthy.

It wasn’t until watch makers adopted mass production techniques in the early 1900’s that timepieces became affordable and accessible to everyone. But the availability of affordable watches didn’t lead to the demise of luxury watches. In fact, new and more advanced watch making techniques have made luxury timepieces even more luxurious.

Better materials and improved production methods have enabled watchmakers to create sophisticated luxury watches that would have been impossible in the past. Today, there are elaborate complicated wristwatches that can display the time of year or the phases of the moon, and accomplish some other advanced functionality.

These high-end timepieces have become more than just simple tools to tell the time. They are now family heirlooms to be passed down generations in the family. The best luxury watches are now considered genuine works of art, with exquisite movements made up of mechanical parts - springs and gears, adorned with gold and diamonds, and accomplishing seemingly impossible things.

Today, the popularity of luxury watches is higher than ever. Timepieces with elaborate complications are sought after by collectors. The more complications, the more valuable, exclusive, and desirable the watch. In 2014, Sotheby sold a supercomplication Patek Philippe pocket watch with 24 complications for a record 11 million dollars.

Today, you don’t have to be super-wealthy to own a luxury watch. There are affordable luxury watches. Many of today’s most popular and reputable luxury watch brands are priced well within the reach of discerning watch aficionados.

Luxury watches range from affordable to extremely expensive starting from under $500 on the lower end to millions of dollars on the high end. Many luxury watch makers have different models of watches- lower and high end models with prices ranging from mid range to very expensive.  

Luxury Watches Appreciation by Ladies

Appreciation for luxury watches is often likened to appreciation for fine arts, vintage cars, or fine jewelry. It is an expensive hobby but worth it to the watch lover. It brings immense value, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Watch enthusiasts appreciate the tradition of watch making represented in a luxury mechanical timepiece, the attention to detail, and the engineering prowess in the watch mechanics.

While the wrist watch is the number one accessory for men, luxury watches appreciation isn't only for the men. 

The women's luxury watch market is growing. Today, women are into watches more than ever and want serious mechanical timepieces designed just for them. Ladies are willing to pay for the good stuff they love.

Why Not Invest In a Luxury Watch?

Luxury women's watches are the best if you want a prestigious, exclusive and high quality watch that will last for years to come. Some of the best premium watches for women last for generations without losing their style or diminishing in quality. They are the kind of timepieces that become family heirlooms.

If you are after the perfect gift idea, you can never go wrong with jewelry and the precious metals, diamond and other gemstones that often feature in a luxury watch make premium women's watches pieces of fine jewelry with the added advantages of being functional and having universal appeal. And spending some good money on a gift is one of the most effective ways to communicate to a lady just how much you value her.

If you just want a practical functional watch that tells time effectively and efficiently all you need is a simple, inexpensive quartz watch. If you want a nice looking and inexpensive watch to tell time and to wear as a fashion accessory, fashion watches have got you covered.

Luxury watches are expensive and they are not basic essentials. So what are the benefits of owning them? Are they worth the money?

Here are the reasons to own a fine watch or watches. What makes them worth spending all that money:

  • Because you appreciate quality and know that the best things in life are free and the next best things are expensive.
  • Because you enjoy the finer things in life.
  • They are the finest timepieces. They are a pleasure to look at, own and wear. Feel like a million dollars wearing one.
  • They are classics whose styles and designs don't waver as the trends come and go. Their timeless nature mean they can be family heirlooms to be passed down to the ladies in the family for generations.
  • They are quality timepieces that last for years in good condition when cared for. This makes the cost of owning them worth it in the long term.
  • Show good taste without speaking. Be classy, elegant and sophisticated.
  • Because you love and want one for yourself. Because you want to give it to someone special- yourself or someone else.
  • Ladies luxury watches represent the history of watch making. Own a piece of history. A piece of art.
  • Ladies luxury timepieces are personal investments. Not just watches but also fine jewelry.
  • As status symbols, they are the perfect indulgence to reward yourself for an accomplishment.
  • To be unique.

Shop Luxury Wathes for Women

Depending on where you are comfortable buying, whether you want to hunt bargains or enjoy the brand's full warranty and service, you can purchase luxury women's watches from: 

Official brand's websites and physical stores

Authorized Dealers

Gray Market Dealers


Tips for Buying Ladies Luxury Watches

We ladies like to buy things based on love at first sight. We buy something because it looks good and we like it. At some point, we've all being guilty of impulse buying. Sometimes it turns out to be a great purchase. Sometimes it turns out to be something we don't need.

When it comes to luxury watch buying, where you are paying thousands of dollars for a watch, you can still buy on impulse based on the aesthetics but it is not a good idea. You will want to know what you are getting for your money and be assured that you are getting the best there is for the money you are spending.

Since luxury watches are expensive, it is important to research the different brands and styles available before buying. As an educated shopper, you can make a wise informed decision you will be satisfied with all your life.

A good luxury watch maker should stand behind their watches by offering a good guarantee and after sale services.

When deciding whether to buy from official channels or gray market dealers who can offer discounted prices, consider the value you will receive for the money you pay rather than the lowest price you can get. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding where to buy.

The best ladies luxury watches buying advice is to educate yourself to become a savvy buyer, research your options, and then make the best choice for yourself. Choose a premium timepiece that you love, that fits your needs and preferences so you're comfortable with the timepiece you're spending your money on and where you're buying it.

Should You Buy New or Preowned?

It all depends on your preference. You can find amazing deals and value for high end, vintage and antique watches including nice top Swiss watches- Breitling, Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, Patek Philippe, and high end brands such as Cartier.

Ensure that you buy vintage and preowned at a shop offering a guarantee that a watch is checked and serviced before sale. This will give you peace of mind that you are getting a quality non damaged watch.  

Luxury Watches for Women Conclusion

A luxury timepiece is nice to have for every woman. Whether you can afford it easily yourself, purchase a premium watch as a reward for accomplishing a goal, are lucky to receive one as a gift or save and sacrifice for a while to afford your dream timepiece. It is a great personal investment. A worthy splurge. A timeless accessory to have and wear for years and pass down in the family. A perfect gift for a special woman.

Why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of the finest timepieces for women. Splurge on and reward yourself with a great watch to own and to proudly wear for years to come. Give her a nice watch with the potential to become a family heirloom. You know your are/she is worth it!

Luxury women's watches offer the best in terms of luxury, style, and functionality. They may cost a fortune but you do know what you are getting- premium timepieces by some of the most reputable names in the world of watch making. They are worth every penny and you won't regret purchasing one. Even if it takes careful saving for some time to acquire your ultimate dream watch, you will be glad for the sacrifice for the years it will grace your wrist and make you feel like a million dollars.

What is your dream watch? If you had all the money in the world, what watch would you go for?

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!