Top Marc Jacobs Women's Watches and Review: Beautiful and Stylish

Marc Jacobs women's watches are some of the most popular and bestselling timepieces in the world. Marc Jacobs is known for avant garde yet unassuming style with street-wise aesthetics, smart and ageless elegance with a contemporary air. Marc Jacobs watches fit nicely into this reputation.

They have simple yet striking designs bringing sleek and stylish timepieces featuring traditional elegance with modern touches. They are classic beautiful and stylish and look great on the wrist with an air of effortless style. 

Marc Jacobs watches are well-built with reliable movements, decent quality materials, classic and contemporary styling, good looks and are affordably priced. Great for anyone looking for an affordable designer watch. Their chic styles make them the perfect everyday accessories and ladies love them.

Top Marc Jacobs Ladies Watches

Top Marc Jacobs women's watch collections right now include Baker, Amy, Sally, Dotty, Roxy, Riley, rectangular shaped 'The Jacobs' and square shaped Vic. See More Marc Jacobs ladies watches

About Marc Jacobs the Brand

Marc Jacobs is a designer fashion house started in 1986 and named after its founder. One of the most popular and accessible designer brands in the world today, Marc Jacobs fashion offers classic yet modern urban styles with street-wise aesthetics, flawless details, and precise designs. 

From 2001 to 2015 Marc Jacobs had a diffusion line: Marc by Marc Jacobs that offered affordable fashion. This line was merged into the Marc Jacobs in 2015. The new brand has accessories and apparel offered at different price points to cater to different pocket sizes.

Marc Jacobs Women's Watches Reviews

Marc Jacobs Ladies Watches Styling

Marc Jacobs clothing and accessories have street-wise aesthetics, smart and ageless elegance with a contemporary air. This is the case with their watches.

Most of the timepieces have traditional styling with designs and features that never date. They utilize both classic and retro designs. Traditional elegance updated with contemporary touches results into simple yet striking designs, sleek, stylish timepieces. 

They feature analog displays and leather or metal bracelet bands in silver, gold and rose gold tones.  They are also some youthful eye-catching models with bright neon hues, large faces and plastic bands. Models range from daily casual to business elegance to eye-catching eveningwear to sporty.  

Build Quality: Given their pricing, Marc Jacobs watches are surprisingly well-built with Japanese made quartz movements, stainless steel cases, leather or metal bracelet bands and water resistance up to 50 meters. A few models have ceramic cases and Swiss-made movements.   

Movements: Marc Jacobs watches feature quartz movements by Japanese and Swiss manufacturers. They are reliable timekeepers. Displays are mostly analog, a few models are ana-digi and feature both analog and digital displays.

Marc Jacobs Watch Prices  

Marc Jacobs watch prices start at about $150 and run up to about $500. The average price is about $250. Marc Jacobs women's watches are quite affordable and fall towards the lower-end price range for designer watches. 

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