Michele Watches Review - Gorgeous Women's Watches  

Michele creates beautiful, classy, luxurious and sophisticated gold and diamond watches to let a woman indulge herself and express her style and personality. Michele excells in design and craftmanship.

A Michele watch is both an elegant watch and a piece of fine jewelry. Bold and feminine arm candy to adorn women's wrists grabbing attention and attracting compliments. It is no surprise that these are women's favorites, among the top rated, and are in almost every lady's wish list!

Their watches are exquistely made and feature Swiss quartz movements, which are the highest standard. Everything Michele ladies watches speaks of a commitment to quality and a keen attention to detail.

They combine timeless elegance with contemporary style elements so they are both classic and fashionable. You'll also love the versatility offered by their interchangeable bands so you can transform a watch into something more casual or dressy.

Want to own a Michele watch? You are in for a treat with the stunning designs to choose from. Michele watches are also great watch gift ideas for women.

Top Michele Women's Watches

Michele Sidney Diamond Bezel Two-Tone Watch

More Michele Watches for Women

Note: With most Michele watches, you purchase the watch head and band separately. You get to choose whether you want a metal bracelet, a leather strap or both, as the watches are designed to be used with interchangeable straps. Just be careful to choose band sizes that fit the watch head.

MICHELE Watches Brand Story

MICHELE is a fine watch making brand Belgian Maurice Barouh started in 1940. He was passionate about watches and set out to make watches that not only told time but also expressed the personality and style of the wearer. Bearing this in mind, he paid attention to exquisite detail, valuing uniqueness, quality, refinement and individual expression. 

His legacy was inherited by his son Jack Barough who continued his mission upholding his fathers values and adding his individuality and talent.

Jack had a knack for trends, and keen attention to detail. He started with a line of colorful and bright children's watches inspired by and named after his daughter Michele. These were a huge success and he decided to delve into the women's market and the Michele brand was born with the launch of Michele Watches and the sophisticated MW collection.

Michele Barough started working there in 2000 then Jeremy Barouh in 2002 marking three generations of watchmaking tradition. Michele is a Fossil brand since 2004 but still operates as a family business continuing the tradition of excellence.

Michele Ladies Watches Reviews - What Makes Michele Watches Amazing

Superior Quality Construction

Michele is a fine watch brand with a tradition of excellence in design and craftmanship. Their watches are highly rated for quality and performance.  

They are made from the best materials - gold, genuine diamonds and sapphire crystals. The straps are made of alligator, calfskin and other exotic leathers.

They feature Swiss quartz movements, which are the highest standard in quality and reliability. Your timepiece will be accurate and will rarely require either setting the time or maintenance, aside from an occasional change of the battery.

Michele Ladies Watches Styling 

Michele timepieces are all about style and all their watches are gorgeous. Michele watches exhibit an artistic and feminine approach influenced by Art Deco and Miami glamour. 

Michele design philosophy blends timeless elegance with contemporary fashion lending a timeless appeal to fashion-forward designs. Their creations are an expression of the current times as well as classics for years to come. No need to sacrifice fashion for timelessness or vice versa.

There are rectangular, round and tonneau case shapes. Mother of pearl, chronographs, date display and decorated dials. Many feature generous amounts of diamonds on the bezel and as the hour markers. The crown features a reflective M for an elegant look that contributes to the overall beauty. 

Styling is diverse with more than two hundred models from dressy styles to sporty chronographs to casual and playful styles. Most of their models suit formal functions, evening wear and also casual and business wear. 

Michele does not follow a one watch fits all approach. With Michele watches, every woman has the chance to make her watch truly her own. It is a bespoke service where you get to personalize your watch by choosing the watch head size, style and silver, gold, rose gold or the versatile two tone. Choose among different colors and styles of leather straps or metal bracelets or have a variety of interchangeable watch straps.  

Interchangeable Straps

Another great thing about michele watches is their versatility with the ability to change straps. Michele offers an array of interchangeable straps in neutral and colorful hues and sleek metal bracelets to suit different moods, outfits, occasions and styles. This makes them the best choices for a universal everyday watch. Transition from day to night by simply changing the strap. 

Michele Watch Prices

As luxury designer timepieces, Michele watch prices are mid level. Prices range from a low of $395 to a high of about $5000. Most of them are in the $1000 to $3000 range. Many feature gold and diamonds making them pieces of fine jewelry.

Are Michele Watches Good? 

If you want luxury, beauty, and elegance, michele women's watches have these and more. Michele watches are simply stunning, turn heads and get compliments. If you buy one for yourself, you’re going to love owning and wearing it. As a gift, a Michele timepiece will give any woman a huge thrill.

They are not just appealing in terms of looks but also worth the money. Their watches are highly rated for quality and performance. They’re well built and with care, should last for many years. 

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