Best Selling Movado Women's Watches 2018 Review

Movado ladies watches are some of the most popular and highly desirable luxury watches. Beautiful and classy modern timepieces that look great on the wrist and make perfect additions to all ensembles.  

Movado timepieces are renowned worldwide for their unique beauty, timeless design and lasting quality. Movado watches are truly well-made with exceptional Swiss craftsmanship and precision and design distinction. Their watches are reliable and affordable as luxury watches go. 

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Movado's Story

Movado is a Swiss watch brand founded in 1881 when 19 year old entrepreneur Achilles Ditesheim hired six watchmakers and opened a small workshop in the village of La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. In 1905, Ditesheim renamed the company Movado, which means 'always in motion'.

The brand's philosophies include design excellence, technological innovation and a dedication to Swiss craftsmanship. Movado has achieved a legacy of design innovation, earning hundreds of patents and awards for artistry and innovation in watch design and time technology.

Movados' greatest creation is the Museum watch. With a blank black dial and a single dot at twelve o’clock symbolizing the sun at high noon, the museum dial was a revolutionary minimalistic design during its launch. 

It was designed by Bauhaus-influenced artist Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. It was added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1960 becoming the first watch dial ever awarded this distinction. This is how it got its name.

The Museum Watch dial has stood the test of time and is Movado's signature dial design. It is considered an icon of modern design today and is what most people think of when they think of Movado watches.

Movado watches are made by Movado Group which has manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, corporate headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey, USA and Bienne, Switzerland.

One of the world's premier watchmakers, Movado Group, Inc. also designs, manufactures and distributes watches for Concord, EBEL and ESQ Movado along with Coach, HUGO BOSS, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Scuderia Ferrari.

Kerry Washington and Lily Collins are Movado's brand ambassadors.

Movado Ladies Watches Review

Styling of Movado Women's Watches

Movado is synonymous with modern and minimalistic art inspired designs. 

Styling is modern yet classic and timeless. Simple, sleek and attractive. Most of the models are modern minimalist and feature their signature museum dial. Styling is bold featuring flashy hues and colored bands and faces.

They have a vast range of creative and artistic designs - casual designs, business styles, and dressy, elegant designs, as well. They also offer sports chronograph models.

Quality of Movado Ladies Watches

With a foundation in the 1880s in Switzerland, Movado has a rich Swiss watch making heritage. Movado also has a great reputation as one of the world's premier watchmakers committed to quality and reliability.

Movado watches are well built. Movado embraces new technology and is now using high-tech carbon fiber and titanium cases for some models. 

Movado watches feature Swiss quartz movements. A few top of the line models are powered by Swiss mechanical movements.

They offer rugged build, reliable materials and precise timekeeping. With proper care, they should last and work well for years to come.

Movado Watch Prices

Movado offers luxury Swiss watches at accessible prices. They range in price from $150 to $7500 - moderately priced to relatively expensive. 

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