Mulco Women's Watches Review - Bold, Sporty and Unique

Keep time fashionably with Mulco women's watches. Colorful, sporty, unique, big and bold, sophisticated and stylish, Mulco timepieces are perfect for the modern woman.  

Want a cool and edgy attention-grabbing timepiece? Something beautiful but different to grace your wrist and make a statement? You'll love Mulco ladies watches. 

Mulco is a Swiss company founded in 1958 by Mr. Muller of Muller and Co. The brand was revamped and given a new look in 2006. Mulco watches are now unique and fashionable watches featuring vibrant colors and bold designs.

Top Mulco Watches for Women

Mulco Women's Watches Review - Are Mulco Watches Good?

Build Quality. Mulco has always had a reputation for good quality. Their watches are well built, with solid materials- stainless steel cases, steel, leather and rubber bands, and mineral crystals protecting the dials. Being sporty and rugged in designs, most of the watches are water resistant to 330 feet (100 M).

Styling is attractive and innovative. Just boldly different and not anything like regular watch designs. Unique sporty designs, edgy styling, unusual shapes and bold colors ranging from black and white to bright hues such as lime green, yellow, pink, orange and purple in special combinations.

Movements: Swiss-made quartz movements. A few models have chronograph functions and some day date complications.

Prices: Given their quality, designs and luxurious features, they’re quite affordable with prices starting from under $200 to about $700.


Mulco watches are great products. They are positively reviewed and top rated. Mulco women's watches are attractive and well-made timepieces suited for day and casual wear. There are plenty of models to choose from and you'll definitely find a timepiece to suit your taste.

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