Top Nixon Women's Watches and Review: Stunning and Affordable  

Nixon women's watches are stylish and attractive. Being a youth-oriented brand, Nixon watches are trend and aesthetics focused created with both style and function in mind. They are a blend of sports, fashion and contemporary style. Classic styles with modern twists. 

If you want fashionable watches and appreciate edgy design, Nixon watches are good for you. Whether you want a minimalist, chronograph, digital, gold-tone or oversized timepiece, Nixon has got you covered with watches you can wear everywhere from the beach to the office. Discover the top Nixon watches for women and read Nixon watches review and information.

Top Nixon Watches for Women    

Top Nixon watch collections for women include the Time Teller, Kensington, Bullet, among others. Discover more stylish Nixon ladies watches.

About The Brand

Nixon is an American watches and accessories brand founded in 1997 in California. Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna started the company driven by their love for outdoor activities and after identifying the need for watches that fit an active lifestyle but were stylish enough to wear during the day and night .  

The Nixon line of watches quickly expanded to include more fashionable designs and now there are hundreds of different styles.  Nixon's product line also includes wallets, handbags, belts, clothing and headphones, speakers and more.

Nixon Women's Watches Review

Styling: Nixon watch styles range from sporty to classic elegance to funky and casual. They have conservative, contemporary and retro-inspired designs. Models come in silver and gold tones, black, as well as in bright and bold blues, pinks and purples. 

Nixon offers both digital and analog watches. Most of them are classic analog displays. Some Nixon watches have modern minimal displays with two hands on a blank face. Others have multiple dials and buttons.  Some of the watches are multifunctional with chronograph, calendar, dual time display, tidal updates, and alarm functions.  

Are Nixon Watches Good Quality and Reliable?: Designed for outdoor activities, Nixon watches have solid construction.  Most models feature stainless steel cases, others leather and there are also rubber, fabric band and wood models. They feature Japanese and Swiss quartz movements, which are high quality and reliable.

Nixon Watch Prices

Nixon watches are quite affordable with models starting at less than $100 up to the $500 range. Nixon also offers high-end timepieces featuring automatic movements and premium materials and these go for over $1000.

Are Nixon Watches Worth It?

Nixon women's watches are trendy and good quality. They offer edgy designs, solid build quality, durability and have good pricing. There are fun, casual models, sleek, elegant styles for evening wear, and rugged sporty models for outdoor activities. 

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