Omega Ladies Watches Review - Luxurious Elegance and Legendary Precision

Omega is one of the leading watch brands in the world and one of the top ladies favorites. Omega women's watches are attractive watches with nice build quality, superior precision and classic styling top rated for reliability, accuracy, performance, beauty and style. 

Omega ladies watches are attractive and luxurious with a stately ladylike demeanor. They are a combination of elegance in design, finest Swiss making prowess and highly accurate mechanical movements.

The result is extremely well-made and durable watches with classic and elegant looks that appeal to women of all styles, ages and personalities, look great on anyone’s arm and last for decades with proper care.

Top Omega Ladies Watches

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First launched in 1955, the Omega De-ville Ladymatic was among the first self-winding timepieces created especially for women. It has feminine grace and elegance.

The Omega Constellation collection is a blend of utilitarian function and elegance first made for those “who want the finest watch that man can make”. 

Omega Brand Story

Established in 1848 in Switzerland by Louis Brandt, Swiss watch manufacturer Omega is one of the biggest names in luxury wrist wear. Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolizes accomplishment and perfection. These qualities define Omega as a watch brand.

Omega has long been known for superior accuracy and a pioneering spirit. Omega is a leading innovator from early adoption of water resistant cases to introduction of the first tourbillon movement in the late 1940s.

Its innovations include the silicon balance spring that makes its Co-Axial calibre movements highly resistant to external shocks and environmental disturbances. There is also Sedna Gold - a distinctive 18K rose gold alloy made out of gold, copper and palladium.  

Omega watches are so highly regarded that NASA used them in the space program. The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969. Omega is also a world leader in sports timekeeping and is the official timekeeper for the Winter Olympics Games.

Famous faces wearing and promoting its designs Daniel Craig, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman among others.

Omega Women's Watches Review

Omega Women's Watches Styling

Omega watches have traditional styling with classic yet distinctive designs. They have a luxurious elegance with tasteful use of gold, pink gold and diamonds and sporty aesthetics suitable for adventurers, sportsmen, athletes and astronauts. 

Straps are either leather or rubber, and bracelets are available in stainless steel and gold. Some watches are complicated with calendar and chronograph features.  

Some limited edition exceptional jewelry watches feature gold cases augmented with diamonds that are exquisite expressions of gem setting and luxury watchmaking. 

Quality of Omega Ladies Watches 

Omega watches have long been among the industry leaders for innovation, build quality and precision. Offering the best of Swiss watchmaking prowess, they have a rich history of making high quality, accurate and long lasting timepieces. Omega watches have been worn on earth, moon and ocean bottom.

Omega watches are extremely well made and durable. Cases are made from either stainless steel or gold and rock-hard sapphire crystal. Some models feature water resistance in excess of 1000 meters and offer pressure-protecting helium valves for diving.  

Omega watches feature Swiss-made mechanical movements, either manually wound or automatic self winding. These are highly accurate mechanisms and their coaxial models offer precise timekeeping.

Omega watches are highly sought out by collectors, people who appreciate the fine art of watchmaking, and those who simply want a gorgeous accessory on formal occasions. 

Omega Watches Prices

Being luxury timepieces, Omega watches are fairly expensive, ranging from a low of about $2000 to a top price of about $20,000. Exceptional high jewelry watches cost a lot more.

Buying Omega Watches

Omega watches are “officially” sold through a limited number of authorized retailers mainly high end jewelry and watch stores. You can also occasionally find Omega watches for sale at online retailers.

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