Oversized Women's Watch Trend - Are Big Watches in Style 2018?

Yes, big watches are still in style in 2018. Rock the oversized women's watch look with stylish and beautiful large ladies watches by brands such as Michael Kors, Fossil, Guess, and more and make a big statement.

Fashion-forward watches sized to command attention. Big menswear inspired timepieces that express boldness and make a statement! Perfect when you want to make a bold fashion statement with a trendy timepiece that is eye catching and masculine in style.

Big watches for women and large face ladies watches are trending. The oversized women's watch trend has lasted for a while and it looks like it is here to stay. Most women love wearing large watches. If you have not tried an oversized women's watch, try one and you will never look back.

If you love bold and eye-catching statement watches with casual, sporty, and menswear inspired vibes, great brands for large ladies watches include Michael Kors, Geneva, Breda, XOXO, Nine West, Fossil, Guess, Nixon, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. Here are some stylish and beautiful big watches for women by brands that get the oversized look.

Oversized Watches for Women

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Interesting Things To Know About Big Watches for women and The Oversized Watch Trend

What Are Oversized Ladies Watches?

Oversize describes larger than average. Oversized watches are bigger than traditional sizes. They are bold and chunky with big faces, wide straps, and a large overall size. 

Oversized watches have very large cases. For ladies, there are big face watches with 37mm-39mm case diameters. Then there are huge watches with extra large case diameters 40mM and above, competing with men's sizes.  

The traditional watch case diameter for men is 36-40mm. This is now the size for large women's timepieces. For men, the diameter has gone up and is now 39-42mm and larger - even 50mm.

How The Oversized Women's Watch Trend Came About: The Evolution of Women's Watch Sizes

Sports and dive watches have always been larger for visibility and to accommodate multiple functions. Today, the oversized watch trend has spread to other watch styles including fashion and casual timepieces. Even the luxury brands are embracing this trend. This oversized trend can be attributed to:

We ladies like to borrow men's fashion: the boyfriend jean, shirt, blazer, and the boyfriend watch. When women started wearing men's watches as a fashion trend, men started wearing even bigger watches and watch makers had to make bigger watches to accommodate everyone's needs for large timepieces.  Oversize watches for women are also known as large face watches or boyfriend watches because they are menswear inspired. 

Popularity of the casual and athleisure look- Today, people are dressing more casually than any other time before and opting for sporty casual watches that tend to be larger in size than dress watches.

The desire for more watch functions (complications) has driven the watch size up, as the watch case has to be large enough to accommodate these extra features and complications. The dial has to be spacious enough to accommodate artistic and decorative details.

Modern technology and availability of lightweight materials will make it possible to manufacture even bigger timepieces that are also comfortable to wear. In future, watches could get even bigger than they are now.

Modern taste and fashion trends where watches are visual style accessories. Watches are now fashion accessories to show off: Because of the need for eye catching timepieces where others notice you are wearing a watch, wrist watches are larger now than they've every been. Large watches are modern or contemporary watches. Vintage watches are usually smaller.  

Celebrities have also had a role to play in the popularity of larger watch sizes. Celebrities are style icons and trend influencers and their wearing oversize watches has made them popular.

Have you tried big, oversized watches yet? It can be hard to understand why they are so popular if you haven't tried them yet. But once you wear them and you like them, small and petite sizes lose their appeal. Just like with anything else, once you go big it is hard to go back to small and petite. If you have not tried an oversized women's watch, try one and you will never look back.

Women Wearing Oversized Watches: How To Wear Large, Oversized Ladies Watches

Women are preferring to wear large watches and loving the oversized look. Here are some ideas on wearing oversized watches for women:

Oversized women's watches have a casual, sporty vibe. You can wear oversized ladies watches anywhere provided the watch style is appropriate:

Oversized Gold Watch Trend: For even more boldness and glamour, choose a rose gold or yellow gold oversized watch. Combine the gold and oversized watch trends and you have gold oversized watches, which are bold and glamorous, the perfect style statements. With the trend, you can opt for the classic yellow gold or the trendy and stylish rose gold trend. Michael Kors Oversized gold watches are some of the most stylish. 

A neutral large face to the office

A blingy glitz timepiece when going out

Layered with bandgles and bracelets to spice up a tee shirt and jeans outfit.

A large chunky watch is prominent enough to be worn alone and stil look bold and stylish

Wear with a single bangle or layer with bangles and bracelets for a bold fashion statement

When going for a blingy look rings bracelets and bangles

Pair a rose gold oversized timepiece with turquise pink and toned down silver and gold jewelry

Have small wrists and think you can't pull off the oversized ladies watch trend? You can. Large watches look good on everyone including petite wrists. The trick is to select a large size that is proportional to your wrist and overall size.

For example, a lady with large wrists may need a 40mm+ case size watch to have the oversized women's watch look but a lady with petite wrists can achieve the look with a 36-38mm case size. 

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