Pearl Watches for Ladies with Mother of Pearl Dials and Pearl Bracelet Bands

Pearls symbolize purity, perfection, elegance, beauty and affluence. They are beautiful, sophisticated and signify good taste. Pearl jewelry is both classic and contemporary offering timeless chic. Pearl watches for ladies - with mother of pearl dials or pearl bracelet straps are beautiful, feminine and timeless pieces of jewelry.

Pearl Women's Watches with Mother of Pearl Dials

Mother of pearl dials are very beautiful and popularly used on ladies watches dials. These beautiful dials add subtle luxury, shimmer, and some intrigue on the wrist. A mother of pearl watch dial normally has a milky white luster. However, the color depends on the origin of the mother of pearl and can also be pink, black, silver gray, blue or yellow. Ladies watches with mother of pearl dials are exquisite and luxurious.

Pearl Bracelet Band Ladies Watches

Pearl band ladies watches are very beautiful with straps made of pearls. A pearl band watch is more than just a time teller. It is a piece of jewelry that also functions as a bracelet and can coordinate with pearl studs or pearl necklace. Here are some amazing pearl strap watches for women.

How Pearls Are Made

``All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography.'' - Federico Fellini

Pearls are unique gems because they are the only ones made by and inside the bodies of living creatures. 

Pearls are created inside living organisms called mollusks.  When impurities get inside an oyster's body, the oyster reacts by covering it in layers of a hard shell known as nacre. As more and more layers are deposited, a pearl is formed.

The demand for pearls is high. Natural ones are rare and it is difficult to harvest them from the depths of the ocean. The solution is cultured pearls.

In a cultured environment, irritants are gently placed inside oysters. The oysters react by depositing layers of nacre forming the pearls.

Pearls are hard with a smooth surface. They possess a lovely inner glow and a lustrous shimmer. The nacre absorbs and diffuses light creating an iridescent glow and giving the pearl it's unique color.

Their lustrous hues come in gold, aubergine, pistachio, platinum, white, and peacock. Cultured pearls come in all kinds of colors- cream, white, rose, lilac, green, gold, black, champagne, grey, bronze, and brown.

Another special thing about pearls is that they don't need to be cut or polished. They give off a precious natural shine. They are valued according to their size, luster and shape. 

For affordability, there are imitation pearls that are usually a coated glass bead. They have a high luster but not as good as the luster on high quality cultured pearls.

Mother of Pearl Dials Meaning

Just like pearls are made by oysters, mother of pearl or nacre is the iridescent milky interior shell of the fresh water mollusk, mainly oysters and abalones. It is a unique and intriguing material with each shell having different color and shine characteristics.

This lime carbonate shell goes through complicated processing before it is ready to beautify watch faces. Being extremely delicate and fragile shells, it takes highly skilled craftsmen to cut, grind, mold, polish and engrave the mother of pearl while enhancing and preserving its natural beauty.

The part of the shell from which the mother of pearl was extracted determines its structure and how intense the color is. When exposed to light, mother of pearl can have a rosy, black or white tone resembling a stormy sky, a clear moon, or iridescent reflections in water.

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