Small Women's Watches - Dainty and Delicate with Petite Faces and Straps

In a world where watches have been getting bigger and oversized and large face watches are all the hype, delicate small ladies watches have not only retained their appeal, they are also on trend. 

Big menswear inspired watches are still in style and will always have a place in our hearts but bigger isn’t always better. Wearing simple, delicate jewelry is in right now and this also applies to watches. Lately, ladies are gravitating towards more dainty timepieces where less is more and watch makers are delivering on this. 

What's not to like about delicate and dainty petite timepieces with small faces and thin bands. The epitome of ladylike elegance, feminine style and comfortable to wear. So light you won't feel like you're wearing a watch. A small watch sits elegantly on the wrist. Perfect size for very small wrists. There’s no worrying about a watch being heavy or overwhelming small wrists.

They look great worn on their own for an understated look like a delicate piece of bracelet or bangle jewelry on the wrist. And they are perfect for stacking/layering with bangles and bracelets when you want a glam arm candy look. 

There are lots of options - vintage to modern styles. Most brands have petite or mini versions of their most popular watch models. Here are some beautiful and stylish petite women's watches.

Chic Small Women's Watches

Small Women's Watch Sizes

Petite ladies watches are small and dainty with small faces and slim straps. Small faced watches with case diameters less than 30mm (21mm-29mm), which are the traditional women's watch sizes. Regular sized women’s watches are 26mm to 33mm in face diameter.

While they may not stand out and call attention, small women's watches are subtle and sophisticated and will add interest and polish to any ensemble, no matter the style or occasion.

Demure details and slight silhouettes complement a feminine look or add a delicate touch to a simple and minimal look. Their elegantly understated style makes for a well put together look. Dainty ladies watches will instantly upgrade a basic tee and jeans outfit and also suit formal occasions.  

Petite women's watches have an enduring appeal. Watch size trends may come and go but small women's watches are here to stay. Delicate timepieces never go out of style. 

Ladies Watch Sizes Guide

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