Stuhrling Women's Watches: Attractive Styling, Good Quality, and Affordable

Stuhrling Women's Watches: Stylish and beautiful watches with luxury styling, great build quality, and affordable pricing. Such a large product line to choose from! When it comes to stylish and attractive yet affordable watches, Stuhrling Original gets it. The brand certainly knows what women want and how to appeal to them with styles, sparkle, quality, to prices.

If you want nice looking and affordable, Stuhrling women's watches look great and they are affordable. There is such a wide collection of watches and a wide variety of styles that everyone is guaranteed to find something unique they will like and that will suit their style, preference, outfit, and occasion.

Best Stuhrling Women's Watches Top Picks

Stuhrling Original 856.01 Delphi Automatic Watch

Stuhrling Original 734LM.01 Ascot Casatorra Elite Watch 

Stuhrling Original 531L.111154 Canterbury Automatic Skeleton Watch

Stuhrling Original 658.02 Vogue Beige Wrap Around Watch

Stuhrling Original 462.04 Audrey Quilted Leather Watch

Stuhrling Original 579.03 Soiree Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

Stuhrling Original Ladies Watches Review

Styling: Sturhling Original watches are very attractive and luxurious. The product line is quite large and the styles are diverse enough to appeal to all kinds of tastes. There are classic and conservative traditional styles as well as bright colors, exposed moving parts, elaborate complications, luxurious mother of pearl dials, a variety of faces, and more. All watches have analog displays. There are styles for everyday wear, business wear, and evening wear.  

Sturhling Watches Build Quality: The construction quality is quite good with stainless steel cases and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals to protect the dials.  Water resistance starts from 50 meters up to 200 meters with an Aquadiver collection appropriate for diving.  Watch straps are leather, silicone, ceramic, and stainless steel. 

Stuhrling Original Watch Movements: Mechanisms are both Swiss-made manual/hand-wind and automatic self-wind mechanical movements as well as Swiss-made quartz electronic movements. A few models run on Japanese quartz movements made by Miyota. All Stuhrling ladies watches have quality movements with accurate and reliable function.  

Innovation: Sturhling Original offers affordable watches with styling innovation. There are affordable mechanical watches with skeleton dials where the internal mechanism is visible and some watches have complications such as chronographs. There are limited edition models that feature a tourbillon.

About Sturhling Original The Watch Company

Stuhrling Original is a young watch brand established in 1999 but Stuhrling watch making tradition goes back to the late 1800s when Max Stuhrling Sr. worked with Swiss watch makers and made complications and movements for them including a line of watches named after him. He taught his son the trade and so the legacy passed on. Watchmaking is a family tradition for the Sturhling family.  

So Are Sturhling Original Ladies Watches Good?

Sturhling Original watches are good. They have attractive luxury styling, great build quality, reasonable pricing, and have a decent warranty.

The verdict is that Stuhrling Original watches offer great value. With proper care, they should last for years. There are definitely not perfect and there are flaws here and there but for the price, you get extremely good value.

Stuhrling Women's Watches Collections and Styles

The Stuhrling Original product line is quite large. There are styles for everyday wear, business wear, and evening wear. There are skeleton watches, chronograph watches, multi-function watches, dive watches, and automatic watches.

There are watches with stainless steel bracelets and bangles, leather bands, ceramic bracelets, as well as Stuhrling ladies fashion watches with Swarovski crystals or with diamond markers. Coloring includes pinks, silver, white, black, brown, beige, rose gold, and more. Cases include round, square, and rectangular.

Some of the collections include:

The Sturhling Original Vogue collection is made up of stylish and trendy fashion watches that are eye catching  and colorful with decorative dials, leather, stainless steel and ceramic bands, and diamond and crystal decorations for a luxurious finish.

The Monaco collection of chronograph watches is racing inspired. Monaco watches have a sporty design with a tachymeter and chronograph dials. The principles of this collection are endurance and tenacity in fast paced circumstances. Principles that will resonate with the fearless women who is not afraid to go bold.  Monaco watches have modern elements and include bracelet, leather band, and ceramic watches with diamond accents on bezel, markers, round and square dials, two tone or silver. Monaco watches include Cosmo Girl, Victoria, Eden, Aruba, Damsel, and Regal Mf.

Watches in the Symphony collection are classic and stylish mainly stainless steel bracelets in silver or two-tone and a few with leather bands. They have modern aspects such as chronograph details, mother of pearl dials, and diamonds. These are described as artistic and refined meant to be captivating and are suitable for dress and casual occasions as well as for office wear.

Legacy collection comprises Stuhrling skeleton watches for women. Mechanical movements with the gears exposed characterize watches in this collection. If you like watches with bold and masculine skeleton displays, the Legacy collection has a wide variety of sophisticated, eye catching, and unique timepieces. The collection is named legacy as it displays the legacy of the company - the watch making tradition that started with Stuhrling Sr. The skeleton dial displays the complications and intricate mechanisms of Sturhling Original mechanical watches

The Aquadiver Collection is Stuhrling's line of diving watches for the adventurous woman looking for a stylish watch that is also practical to take under water. They are sporty with functional features and also luxurious. They are available in silver, black, pink, two tone, leather, stainless steel bracelet. Some have a chronograph dial.

Sturhling Original Ladies Watch Names

Sturhling women's watch families have interesting names borrowed from English literature and cities such as Macbeth, Montague, Gatsby, Winchester, Cleopatra, among others. Modern names given to watches with modern elements such as Vogue Paris, Ciara, Lady Wall Street, Cosmo Girl, Executive, among others and descriptive name such as Marina, Glamour, Love, Melody, Vogue, Legacy, Wall Street, Cupid, Aphrodite, Amour, Cordelia, Majestic, Angelic, Radiance, among others.

Other Sturhling watch names include Lady: Carnegie, Harmony, Audry, Venus Victrix, Saratoga, Carnivale, Chantilly, Decuville,  Eros, Memoire, Jezebel, Casatorra, Renoir, Fusion, Illusion, Lorraine, Regalia,  Prospect, Regent, Pontiff, Countess, Edinburgh,  Nautic, Regency, Ascot, Dynamo, Cressida, Clipper, Cassiopeia, Culcita, Garland, Marquis, Allure, Nobilis, Farina, Astra, Shimmer, Salida, Del Sol, Sparkle, Iris, Calliope, Tresor, Ascot Live, Paramount, Delphi, Ozzi, Axis,  Regatta, Rosetta,  Supreme, Avon, Canterbury, Stella, Regatta, Colonia, Atlantis, Austere,  Galleon, Monticello,  Celine, Anchor, Peace, Nemo, Axis, Melody, Prospect, Renoir, Love, Masquerade, Verona Del Mar, among others.

Stuhrling Watches Price and Buying Information

Stuhrling Original Women's Watch Prices

Sturhling Original ladies watch prices are reasonable. Most of the watches are under $100, some under $200, and a few featuring diamond accents have a list price above the $400 price range.

Prices start from moderately inexpensive to fairly expensive. The price range is wide broad enough to suit all kinds of consumers looking for luxury timepieces within their budget including affordable automatic mechanical watches. 

Lower end models have a list price of about $295.  And there are high end models priced at about $10,000 - for example, the limited edition tourbillon models.

Sturhling Original Ladies Watches for Sale

Stuhrling Original aims to make luxurious pieces accessible to a wider audience and thus mainly sells watches online. You can find Stuhrling Original women's watches for sale at:


Stuhrling women's watches look great, have luxurious features, and are affordable. And since there is such a large selection of watches and diverse styling, there is a piece that will match your style and preference.

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