Swarovski Watches Review - Quality and Sparkly Modern Women's Watches

When the occasion calls for something dazzling and special, Swarovski watches bring both elegance and glamour to the look.

Assembled in Switzerland, Swarovski watches are quality timepieces that combine the reliability of Swiss movements, sophisticated designs and the feminine sparkle of Swarovski crystals.

Love modern, feminine styling? Looking for something that is well-built, fashionable and luxurious but not too expensive? You'll love Swarovski's chic and innovatively designed watches ranging from sporty to dressy to spectacular. They also make great gifts for ladies.

Top Swarovski Watches for Women

The most popular lines of ladies watches are the Citra, the Crystalline collection, and the Lovely Crystals collection with stones that move around when worn and can also be moved around with your fingers. The Aila and Sporty Octea are also top favorites.

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About Swarovski

The name Swarovski brings to mind the premium crystals referred to as Swarovski stones or crystals. These are high-quality and unique low-priced alternatives to diamonds. Most Swarovski stones are crystal glass cut with facets to make them as brilliant as diamonds.

Swarovski is a world-renowned jeweler founded 114 years ago in 1895 to produce precision cut crystals. Today, the brand sells crystals to other companies and also offers finished crystal products from figurines to high quality watches and jewelry with fantastic designs and accessible pricing.

Swarovski introduced its first watch collection in 2009. The watches incorporate the essence of the brand in a range of striking timepieces. Inspired by the experiences of the independent and fashion-conscious woman, the collections are designed for the multifaceted modern woman. 

Swarovski Watches Review and Information

Styling and Features:

They have original designs so the watches are unique creations. Refined and radiant with feminine elements ranging from colors to sparkly crystals. Their watches are fresh and modern, exude sophistication and glamour, have a youthful personality and are the right blend of elegant and playful. 

Swarovski watches excel in fashionable and contemporary styling while staying true to traditional watch design and quality. As is the nature of the brand, most are "blingy." and have varying amounts of crystal accents showcasing the brand's expertise in crystal cutting. Their composed designs ensures that its not "too much." It's about showing off a bit of bling in a tasteful way. 

The collections range range from sporty to elegant to spectacular, but most are evening elegant and casual dressy. The watches suit any occasion requiring some sparkle and work for night and special occasions but there are also models suitable for day-wear such as the City and Graceful Lady.

Bold in design and bling, these are eye catching watches designed to make a statement. There is a variety of styles to suit every taste but they are not for those who prefer more conservatively designed or simple, understated styles.   

Is Swarovski Watchmaking Good Quality: 

Swarovski may be primarily a crystal brand but is also a credible watchmaker with a fierce dedication to quality in both design and construction while maintaining important aesthetic proportions, legibility, and comfort.

Their watches are more than just pretty. Swarovski watches are assembled in Switzerland and equipped with either Swiss ETA or Ronda quartz movements.

They are made out of high quality materials. Leathers and stainless steel combined with crystals.

With the originality in design and careful attention to details, their watches are some of the best in their price range. 

Swarovski Watch Movements: All women's watches are powered by Swiss quartz movements, which are high quality, precise and reliable.

Pricing: Swarovski ladies watches fall within the under $500 and under $1,000 price points. They are affordably priced given the build quality, materials used and impressive designs.


Swarovski watches aren't cheap but you get a lot of value for your money in terms of style and overall build quality. Swarovski's ladies watches are unique and fashionable timepieces that satisfy what modern women want in a timepiece. 

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!