6 Best Titanium Women's Watches - Comfortable and Hypoallergenic

Lightweight, tough and hypoallergenic, titanium ladies watches are perfect for those with sensitive skin, those who want a comfortable lightweight metal watch for everyday, sports or dive activities and those who want something different that the dark gray tone titanium offers. Here, discover the best titanium watches and brands for ladies and learn their pros and cons.

Top Titanium Ladies Watches and Brands

Titanium as a Watch Material Explained and Reviewed

Titanium is a naturally occurring metal that is metallic grey in color. It is the hardest natural metal. One of the lightest yet strongest metals. Stronger than steel, silver, gold and platinum. It is also extremely durable.

It is considered a space age metal and is also used in space crafts, aerospace, naval ships, automotive, medical instruments, sporting goods in addition to fashion and jewelry.

There are 28 different grades of titanium. Grades 1-4 are pure titanium and have high resistance to corrosion. The other 23 grades of titanium contain alloys with aluminum, palladium, iron, vanadium, molybdenum or other metals.

What Makes Titanium A Good Metal for Watch Making- Titanium Pros and Cons

Its hardness and strength means it makes extremely long lasting and dent resistant timepieces. 

It is corrosion-resistant

Highest strength-to-weight ratio. It is extremely light and strong at the same time.

That it is lightweight and resistant to tarnishing and corrosion caused by salt water makes it one of the best watch materials for sports, swimming and diving watches.

It is extremely lightweight making titanium watches lightweight and comfortable to wear.

It has an attractive silver grey natural tone.

It is hypoallergenic, nickle free and safe for sensitive skin. Topical allergic reactions to titanium are very rare.  

Titanium can be made into a variety of finishes.

Titanium Cons

Titanium is difficult to work with, so it can be expensive to repair.

Titanium is prone to scratches and is normally coated with ceramic to make it extremely scratch resistant.

Titanium vs. Stainless Steel

Titanium is 60% harder than steel and 40% lighter.  It is ideal for sports, swimming and diving watches. 

Titanium is more expensive than stainless steel and is normally used in making high end titanium women's watch cases and bracelets.

Titanium scratches more easily than steel, but is easier to buff out than steel. 

Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Women's Watches

More Ladies Watch Materials

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