Top Rated Women's Watches and Brands 2018 - Best Quality, Style and Reputation

These top rated women's watches and brands are just some of the best. Quality build, stylish looks, reliability, performance, and offering good value for money are some of the qualities the top rated ladies watches have. 

When looking for a new watch, these are the qualities you want as they define a nice, quality watch worth spending money on. Watches can be expensive and you want to spend your money on a nice watch you will love.

Stylish Top Rated Women's Watches in 2018

Here are ladies watches that have a great reputation for quality, style, and function. Ladies love these watches and are pleased with their purchase. So many ladies can't be wrong. These top rated timepieces and brands must have something special. Check them out for yourself.

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Top Rated Ladies Watch Brands in 2018

And these are the reputable who have established a good reputation in the watch world for producing amazing watches whether luxury, designer, fashion or sports watches.  

Citizen Ladies Watches: Citizen watches are known worldwide for their quality, reliability, and durability. They are stylish and affordable timepieces with classic looks - the perfect everyday and all-purpose timepieces. There is a diverse selection to choose from - simple and elegant dress watches to stylish and rugged sporty watches to luxurious dress watches with diamonds. Their light-powered technology, Eco-Drive, eliminates the hassle of replacing batteries or winding. Unless you are are looking for a super-glitzy timepiece, there is just nothing to complain about Citizen ladies watches.

Omega Ladies Watches: Omega is one of the leading watch brands in the world. Omega watches are top rated for quality, reliability, accuracy, and  performance without sacrificing style.  Omega watches for women are some of the finest Swiss watches there is. The timeless Omega Constellation and the elegant Omega Ladymatic are the top ladies watches by Omega. They are extremely well-made and durable watches with classic and elegant looks guaranteed to last and have timeless appeal for years.

Bulova Ladies Watches: A brand with a rich history in watch making, Bulova is renowned for being among the utmost in accuracy and precision as well as for innovation, quality, and durability. Bulova watches are some of the top rated women's watches because they have what every lady wants: quality, reliability, style, and affordability. They have luxurious watches embellished with diamonds, classically elegant dress watches, as well as sporty styles. An extensive collection of watches to suit every occasion and every woman's taste and style.

Michael Kors Women's Watches: Michael Kors offers beautiful and affordably priced designer watches that look great on the wrist and transform outfits. They are luxurious yet functional watches in whites and silvers, gold tones, colors, ceramics, and leathers. Styles include sporty and classy. Classic and avant-garde. Classy and elegant. The build quality is good and majority of the customers are happy with their Michael Kors watches. If you want a bold and fashionable timepiece to use mainly as a fashion accessory, Michael Kors watches are it.

Michele Watches have elegance, beauty, and style. Michele watches design is classic elegance combined with modern aesthetics. They are gorgeous timepieces that look amazing on the wrist and get the wearer loads of compliments. Michele watches are coveted by many ladies and those who purchase them are delighted giving them positive ratings and reviews. Even though Michele watches don't come cheap, their looks alone make them splurge-worthy and the fact that they are build to last, made using the finest materials, and have interchangeable straps justify the indulgence.

Burberry Watches: Burberry women's watches are as top rated as their trench coats.  Combining Burberry's design excellence and Swiss watch making excellence, Burberry watches are stylish and attractive watches with contemporary aesthetics and classic elegance. Made of high quality materials, powered by Swiss movements, and reasonably priced, a Burberry watch is a great investment. Their superior quality and timeless style give them versatility to suit all occasions and make them timepieces to be enjoyed for years to come. 

TAG Heuer Watches: Started in 1860 in Switzerland and now part of the Louis Vuitton family, Tag Heuer is one pf the most reputable brands. TAG Heuer watches are among the widely desired and top rated women's watches. They are best rated for superior quality, finest materials, Swiss manufacturing, precision, and innovation. There are rugged sporty watches for outdoors adventures and sports. And there are elegant dress watches for business and formal occasions. All are sophisticated with conservative styling, classic looks, and timeless designs to be had and worn for years.    

Raymond Weil Watches: Raymond Weil watches are not only Swiss made, they are also among the top rated women's watches for: Being well made using the finest materials, creative designs, and luxurious finishing. Good looks: exquistely attractive and sophisticated feminine looks. Classically elegant timepieces that merge traditional and modern elements. Pricing: top quality and style, and Swiss luxury at relatively affordable prices! The brand has a love for music and their watches have musical names.

Seiko Watches: Founded in 1881 and today one of the most innovative watch brands, Seiko is a Japanese watch brand with a great reputation for: Quality: Seiko has always had a commitment to producing well-made watches that last for years offering reliable performance and the top ratings means they stay true to this commitment. Seiko Solar Technology: one of the most practical and user-friendly innovation by Seiko, this technology converts light into energy to power the watch so no winding or battery replacement is required. Classic styling: sporty watches as well as elegant watches decorated with crystals or real diamonds. Price: Seiko ladies watches are nice classics that are stylish, reliable, and affordable.  

Movado Watches: Founded in 1880, Movado watches for women are highly desired and  best rated for: Style: modern minimalist yet bold styling with the signature museum dial dot at the 12 o'clock position. Quality: with a foundation in the 1880s in Switzerland, Movado has a rich Swiss watch making heritage and commitment to quality and reliability. Pricing: Movado timepieces are Luxury Swiss watches at accessible prices - moderately priced to relatively expensive.

Tissot: Tissot is a reputable watch brand making Swiss watches with accessible pricing. The essence of Tissot is innovation, functionality, durability, and style. Their watches are hi-tech - made of special materials, having advanced functionality, and classic as well as contemporary aesthetics.




Those are the highly reviewed watches and reputable brands to try. With lots of positive reviews and 5-star ratings, you can't go wrong with these highly rated ladies favorites. Find a stylish watch that is reliable and will offer you quality and value. 

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