Tortue Watch Shape

The tortue watch shape is an iconic watch shape invented by Cartier in 1912. It was a tonneau and Santos-Dumont based shape only with a more pure form.

The Tortue is French for turtle. The creative design and bold name of the Tortue watch were inspired by the curved shell of a tortoise.

The original tortue had a sensual domed case curved around both left-right and top-bottom axes

Modern Cartier Tortue watches have the classic features of the original vintage timepieces but have been updated using modern technology.

The Tortue is simple and sophisticated. It exudes style, elegance and ageless classicism

The Tortue shaped classic timepiece looks flattering on the wrist and with its style adds the finishing touch to any elegant ensemble.

Cartier Tortue Women's Watch

Cartier Tortue WA503951 Ladies Mechanical Watch 

Cartier Tortue Quartz Silver Women's Watch  

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