Types of Watches for Ladies by Features and Specifications

There are different types of watches for ladies according to the type of movement, features, functions, displays and other watch specifications. Women's watches come in different styles, sizes, colors and shapes.

To find the perfect watch, you've got to consider the features and specificitions. What are the must have features and functions the watch you are looking for should have?  Explore ladies watches by features and specifications. Find watches that suit your purpose and lifestyle and learn more about watch features.  

Browse Ladies Watches by Features and Specifications

By Movements: The internal mechanism that drives the watch. Some need winding while some are powered by batteries. Choices include quartz, automatic, and mechanical.

By Materials: What the watch is made out of. Leather, stainless steel, ceramic, hypoallergenic materials, dial window etc.

By Functions: Multi-function watches with functions above that of telling time -stop watch, alarm, calendar, duo time zone display etc. 

By Bands: Leather bands, metal bracelets, mesh bands, silicone etc.

By Styles: Types of watches for different occasions and by appearance. Dress, casual etc. Smart, sports, fashion, luxury and designer.

By Sizes: Watch size dimensions. Oversized to petite sizes. Best watches for small wrists and for large wrists.

By Shapes: Round, square, rectangular, cushion, oval, tonneau, unusual...  

By Display and Dials: Analog, digital, analog-digital. Mother of pearl, white, colored, easy to read dials etc.

By Colors and Tones: Band and dial colors. Black, blue, silver, gold tones.

By Brands: Fashion and contemporary, designer, luxury, Swiss...

Other Watch Features and Specifications

Certain style of women's watches may have specific features that make the watch suitable and ideal for certain lifestyles and use in certain environments, conditions and activities. For example, pilot watches have fancy bezels that act as flight computers while diving watches feature Helium release valves to release the pressure following deep water dives.

Water Resistance: Water resistant watches are watches that can withstand a certain level of water pressure. The water resistance level is often marked on the dial or case back. 

Shock resistance- Shock resistant watches have the ability to resist normal wear and tear even when used in rough and strenuous activities. A watch described as "shock resistant" has survived a series of shock tests.

Solar: Eco-friendly watches powered by light. Citizen Eco-drive, Seiko solar, Tissot solar, and Casio solar watches.

Atomic Radio Controlled: They receive a radio signal with information on the precise day, date and time as measured by an atomic clock

Luminous: Luminous dials that glow in the dark making it easy to read the time at night or in low light conditions.  

Military Time- A wrist watch that displays the time in the 24 hour system.  

Screw-Down Crown: A threaded winding watch crown that screws tightly into the case so water and dust can't get into the watch.

Slide Rule: A calculation tool on the bezel of pilot watches for making flight calculations such as fuel consumption, speed and distance calculations and conversions.  

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