Top Versus Versace Women's Watches and Review

Versace has two watch lines. Versus is the more affordable one. Versus Versace women's watches are made for the young and young at heart not afraid to express their personality with glamorous wristwatch. They are edgy and vibrant with a youthful, urban personality, and bold color tones.

Versus by Versace watches are fashion-forward and attractive fashion accessories, offer decent build quality, and attractive pricing and reliably keep time. If you need a stylish watch to function as a style accessory, they are perfect. 

Top Versus Versace Watches for Women 

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About Versus by Versace

Versus Versace is a diffusion line by the Italian fashion house Versace. Gianni Versace created the Versus brand in 1989 to make high fashion more accessible and capture the energy and personality of the young and young at heart. Versus watches are made by the Timex Group Luxury Division in Switzerland. 

Versus by Versace Watches Review

Build Quality

Build quality is good with stainless steel cases and mineral crystals. Bands are available in leather or stainless steel.


The movements used in their timepieces are all highly reliable quartz electronic movements, sourced either from Switzerland or Japan. 


Versus is known for the unconventional. In true Versus style, each versus watch features the eye-catching, casual and youthful appeal of the brand. Styling is fun, colorful and innovative. The use of bold, edgy designs. Novel combination of fine materials and impressive detailing with zebra stripes, zippers on the strap, crystals and even some with safety pins. They come in silver, gold, rose gold tones, black, white, and other vibrant colors.


While Versace watches are usually expensive, Versus is the more affordable line and Versus by Versace watches are actually quite affordable. From about $150 to less than $500. Many models are available for less than $200. They are an opportunity to acquire a Versace designer timepiece at an affordable price

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