Best Women's Bracelet Watches- Bangle and Link Styles

Bracelet watches for ladies are classic and stylish pieces of jewelry. From the sleek style of metal bracelets to mesh, chain link, bangle and cuff styles to leather bracelet watches in double wrap around styles to ceramic bracelet watches.

Bracelet in watches refers to the watch part that you wrap around your wrist. The best bracelet watch bands look good and are easy and comfortable to wear. There are different styles, materials and color tones for women's bracelet watches as follows.

Top Ladies Bracelet Watches

Ladies Metal Bracelet Watch Styles

A metal watch bracelet is made of links held together by pins or screws or both. It is flexible and molds itself to any wrist. The bracelet band can also be adjusted by removing some metal links to fit small wrists or adding more links for large wrists. A classic style that is very popular in dress watches.

The metals used range from stainless steel, titanium to precious metals like gold, platinum, silver and rhodium. They have different types of clasps usually featuring the brand's logo. Metal bracelet watches for ladies often have precious stones such as diamonds or crystals for a touch of feminine sparkle.

Chain Link Bracelet Watches: The watch bands for chain link watches are composed of large metal links that look like bracelets.

Bangle Women's Watches: The bangle bracelet is distinct in that it has two or more very large curved links that form the bracelet instead of many small links. It's rigid and ring shaped. Cuff bracelet watches are C-shaped and open at both ends.

Bangles are not adjustible. You can't have links removed or added. A semi-bangle watch is a bangle watch with flexible links at the back. This makes it possible to adjust the watch band to fit the size of wrist

Ladies Mesh Bracelet Watches- Also known as Milanese watch bracelets, these are unique watch bracelets made up of intricately interlaced rings that look like chainmail armor. They are beautiful and elegant. 

Women's stainless steel bracelet watches: Stainless steel is the most commonly used metal in watch making. Coated stainless steel is also popular. This is done through PVD (physical vapor deposition) such as IP (ion plating). This is how silver-tone, gold-tone, and two-tone metal bracelet watches are made.

More Women's Bracelet Watches

Leather bracelet watches for women 

Leather bracelet watches in double or triple wrap style straps. Charm bracelet style watches are made out of leather, beads, pearls, chains and other materials.  

Ceramic Bracelet Watches

Ceramic is a hypoallergenic and beautiful watch material perfect for those with sensitive skin. Ceramic watches come in white, black and colored variations.

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