Best Women's Fitness Tracker Watches 2018

Ladies fitness tracker watches with heart rate monitors, sleep tracker, calorie counters, pedometers. Find your perfect accessory among the best activity trackers by top fitness tracking brands. 

A fitness tracker watch is the perfect way to monitor your health and fitness activities and stay in tune with your body. Women's fitness tracker watches are sleek, stylish and convenient accessories equipped with sleep trackers, heart rate monitors, calorie counters, pedometers and other fitness features.

They track your activities on the go whether you're walking, running or swimming recording steps, distance, calories burned and heart rate. They also track your sleep activity. 

In the fast paced modern world, fitness activity trackers are essential wellness and relaxation accessories. These modern sports watches encourage healthy choices helping you move more, sleep better, and improve your overall health. 

Best Women's Fitness Tracker Watches by Top Fitness Brands

Choose among sleek, lightweight bands, smartwatches or traditional watch styles. Find your perfect health and wellness companion among the following best ladies health and fitness trackers by top fitness tracking brands. 

 Ladies Health and Fitness Tracker Watches Features and Functions

In addition to telling time and accessorizing your looks, women's fitness tracker watches:

Monitor Your Heart Rate

Heart rate is an important health and fitness indicator. The optimal heart rate depends on age and other factors. It's typically 220 minus your age. How can you tell when you have reached your optimal heart rate?

The heart rate monitor feature in fitness tracker watches measures the heart rate of the wearer. It monitors your heart rate when doing exercises and other activities as well as when resting so you can assess overall health.  

While there are different ways to wear a heart rate monitor, women's watches with heart rate monitor are comfortable and convenient because they are not bulky and have other useful functions.  

Count Calories

To maintain a healthy weight, one has to keep burning the calories consumed. This is one of the goals of exercising.

Womens wrist watches with calorie counters have the ability to monitor the amount of calories burned during an activity.

You can check the results of a workout, know how much work you have done and the results produced and know whether you have achieved your goals at a glance.

Monitor Your Sleep Activity

This feature detects when you are asleep, keeps track of light and deep sleep cycles and records the number of awakenings and the total duration of sleep.  

Women's Pedometer Watches

Ladies pedometer watches, wrist bands or smartwatches tell you how far you've walked, hiked or ran on foot in miles or kms by recording the number of steps you've taken. Some also monitor calories burned and heart rate. 

There are simple and multifunctional ones with added fitness and health trackers such as stopwatches, step counters, calorie counters and heart rate monitors.

While there are pedometers you can attach to your waist, backpack or shoes, pedometer watches, wrist bands or smartwatches are convenient. They are secure so you don't have to worry about them falling off and checking your progress is easy and fast. A glance at your wrist is all you need to read the information.

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