6 Beautiful Women's Mesh Watches with Milanese Bracelet Bands

Women's mesh watches add a touch of elegance to looks. Ladies watches with Milanese bands are some of the most stylish, attractive and feminine timepieces. 

Metallic mesh watch bands have been popular since they were first introduced. In fact, mesh strap watches are among the top watch trends right now. One of the reasons that mesh bracelets have remained popular for this long is their unique elegance.

Mesh bracelet watch straps are intricate, sophisticated and beautiful. The watch bands looks like jewelry bracelets. They are made of stainless steel and titanium with a range of finishes from silver tone, gold-tone, rose gold tone, black and two-tones. Mesh watch bands work with contemporary watch designs as well as retro-inspired timepieces for formal wear and also casual wear. Here are beautiful ladies watches with Milanese bracelets.

Gorgeous Women's Mesh Watches - Gold, Silver, and Black Tones

Top Ladies Watches with Mesh Bands

Brands known for great Milanese strap watches include Skagen, Bering, Danish Designs, Breil, Accurist, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Mondaine, Cluse, Triwa, and Larsson & Jennings. The slim profile style of most of these brands meshes well with the sleek style and thin links of mesh bracelets for a minimal, modern look and feel.

The History of Milanese Straps

Mesh Watch Strap

The design of mesh watch bands is similar to the chainmail armor used by soldiers in medieval era. 

Mesh watch bands are also known as Milanese bracelets because they were first introduced in the city of Milan in Italy. Their making remained an Italian specialty for over 500 years and production was entirely by hand.

German watch strap specialists Staib and Vollmer started producing mesh watch bracelets again in the early 1920’s. Milanese straps were very popular amongst the watch designs of the mid-19th century until the late 60’s, and mesh straps are common in vintage dress watches.

Milanese watch straps are in fashion once again. Today, they're machine made all over the world from Germany to the Far East by a number of specialist makers.

Instead of the metal links found in most metal bracelets, mesh watch bands are made out of tiny metal wires, usually stainless steel but also titanium. The wires are first assembled into a flexible yet robust network of interlaced rings. This plaited mesh structure is then used to create mesh watch bands.

Mesh straps are extremely dense and tightly woven making them some of the smoothest watch bands available. It takes a lot of experience and superior craftsmanship to manufacture such an intricate bracelet out of metal. It can take 85 steps to create a Milanese watch bracelet.

The result is sophisticated and beautiful, and women's mesh watches are really stuning.

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