Women's Military Time Watches- Wrist Watches with 24 Hour Display

Ladies watches with military time display the time in the 24 hour format. They are based on time measured in 24 hour segments. For example, 11pm is displayed as 2300 hours. Very handy for the military, nurses and any other who may need this functionality. There are 24 hour one hand watches and watches that watches that display time the regular 12-hour way and also have 24 hour military display.

One Hand 24 Hour Wrist Watches

One-hand wrist watches are inspired by the original clocks that were based on the sun clock. They displayed all 24 hours and had only one hand. As lifestyles got busier, there arose the need to split the day in two 12-hour halves and break each hour down in to 60 minutes.

While regular watches make 1 rotation around the dial twice a day, a 24 hour one-hand watch goes around the dial slowly only once every 24 hours.

Instead of focusing on the second or the minute this watch reminds you to enjoy the moments and stop chasing every minute. You can see the entire day in one view and remain aware of the progress of the day.

Women's Military Time Watches with Military Time and Regular Time

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