Best Women's Multifunction Watches- Stylish and Affordable Multipuporse Tools

A wrist watch is a convenient accessory. Light in weight and strapped on the wrist, you go with it everywhere and can easily access it. If it can do more than tell time, even better. Whether you are a frequent traveler, often need to consult a calendar, have an active lifestyle or are into outdoor adventures, women's multifunction watches are a life saver. Here, browse stylish and durable multipurpose ladies watches and find the perfect watch with the functions you are looking for.  

Stylish Women's Multifunction Watches  

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Alarm Function: Ladies wrist watches with audible or vibrating alerts to remind the watch wearer of an event such as waking up, appointments or that it's time to take medication.  

Altimeter: This function measures the altitude of an object above a fixed level, such as sea level. This is a great function in outdoor hiking watches.

Calendar: Displays the day and date in a given month on the watch's dial face. Some display the date only, others the day and date while triple calendar watches display the day, date and month. Perpetual calendar watches display the correct day and date correctly and rarely require manual adjustment.

Multiple Time Zone Watches: There are duo zone and GMT watches that display time in two time zones and world time watches that display the time in all the 24 time zones in the world. 

Chronograph: In addition to the normal function of showing the current time, a chronograph watch has a stopwatch function for measuring time intervals precisely. 

Compass- A navigational function in wristwatches that makes it possible to determine direction, position and location from a point of reference. 

Depth Measurement: This instrument, mostly found in dive watches, measures depth beneath a fixed level.

Global Positioning System (GPS): GPS  is a space-based satellite system that makes it possible for people to determine their geographic location.

Countdown Timers- A quartz watches function that measures time intervals and has alarm for alerts when timing is done. It shows the time remaining in a predefined period. 

Stopwatch: This functionality is designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time when the device is activated to when the device is deactivated.

Tachymeter (Tachometer): A tachymeter allows the wearer to calculate speed, or average speed, over a known distance. The tachymeter scale is usually around the rim of a watch.

Fitness Trackers: Watches with activity tracking functions such as heart rate monitor, calorie counters, sleep and pedometers.

Smartwatches: technologically savvy accessories for your smartphone. Apart from displaying the current time, these receive smartphone caller and text alerts and also have fitness activity tracking features.

Moonphase Display: A function that chronicles the phases of the moon throughout its cycle on a watch's dial. It shows the different phases of the moon throughout the year. Different watch makers have different ways of designing the moon phase indicator.

Casio Ladies Watches: Casio is the king of multifunction watches. Casio multifunction watches are tools with a variety of features and functions. They're also tough and rugged to withstand tough conditions.

Other functions that can be found in multi-function wrist watches include digital camera, calculator, tide function, currency converters, thermometers, voice recording capability, among others.

Multifunction Watch Meaning

Women's multifunction watches are watches that do more than tell time. A multifunction watch is simply a watch with multiple functions. Multi-function watches usually have busy dials with multiple sub dials for reading the functions of the watch.

For battery powered quartz watches with multiple functions are referred to as multifunction watches. 

In mechanical watches, the extra functions are referred to as complications and such watches with special functions are known as complicated watches. Learn more about women's complicated watches here including date, time zones, moon phase, chronograph, tourbillon, minute repeaters and other complications.

Watch Functions vs. Watch Features

A feature is a visual part of the watch while a function refers to timekeeping and physical functions. The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

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As the Chinese Proverb goes: ''An inch of time is an inch of gold but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold''. Well, you can buy a great timepiece to help you manage the precious gift that is time while expressing your style!