Women's Orange Watches with Orange Faces and Straps

Ladies orange watches are vibrant, bold and definitely eye catching. Add a strong pop of color and a touch of warmth and energy on your wrist with orange face watches, orange leather or rubber strap watches, and bold orange watches all over for orange lovers.  

Orange is highly visible and the easiest color to see in poor lighting or against water. It really stands out, even at a distance and is often used to gain attention. The vibrancy of orange and the way it contrasts well against dark colors makes it a popular tone in fashion, design, and watchmaking.

The popularity of orange watches began in the late 1960s and 70s. Today, most orange watches are sport watches but there are also casual, fashion and dress watches in orange.

Women's Orange Watches Top Picks

In design, a vivid orange easily becomes the focal point. In watchmaking, orange is used as a primary base color or as a highlight to make a minimalist design come to life. Sometimes orange is used to make a statement. Other times, it is a practical choice to enhance legibility.

You can choose among orange face watches, orange leather or rubber strap watches, and bold monochrome orange watches all over for orange lovers.  

Orange over black is the most common combination, as it delivers excellent legibility and adds a strong but subtle pop of color to an otherwise plain black design.  

A bright orange leather strap takes a watch from unassuming to striking and enhances the watch’s other accents and tones.

Orange faces and case accents paired with orange straps results into a striking and eye-catching timepieces.

About the Color Orange

Orange is a secondary color between yellow and red. It occurs abundantly in nature in hues that range from more vivid yellows to darker, deeper reds, making it widely appealing and versatile. 

The color orange is stimulating, vibrant, flamboyant, jovial, warm, energetic, creative, intense, fun and playful. Orange stimulates activity, appetite, and encourages socialization. It is associated with fruitfulness, adventure, vigor, and wholesomeness.

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