Best Women's Plastic Watches in Resin and Acetate 

Ladies plastic watches are some of the most fashionable. The plastic watches trend remains on top because plastic is inexpensive, can be made into different colors and prints and is lightweight and hypoallergenic therefore comfortable to wear.

Some of the most popular women's watches are made from some form of plastic, most commonly acetate or resin. Faux bone and tortoiseshell watches made out of plastic look just like the real material but are animal-friendly as they use no animal products.

Fashionable Women's Plastic Watches

Plastic is a popular watch material because its lightweight and inexpensive. It is most regularly used on fashion, sports and digital watches. Some brands with gorgeous plastic, resin and acetate ladies watches include Michael Kors, Fossil, Nixon, Swatch, Casio, among others.

What Are Plastic, Resin and Acetate Watches?

Plastic watches are made from plastic, resin or cellulose acetate.

Plastic is a synthetic material made from organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc. Plastic is versatile and can be molded into shape while soft and then dried into a solid or slightly elastic form. This make it possible for other items, like flowers and prints to be embedded. It is possible to control how opaque or transparent plastic should be and it can be made in almost any color.  

Resin is a high-impact type of plastic used to create watch bands and cases. It is composed of polyester, vinylester or epoxy. Resin is lightweight, strong and durable. Ideal for active and outdoor lifestyle as it is resistant to extreme temperatures, dents and nicks.    

Cellulose acetate is a high quality and durable plastic material made out of sheets of plastic. It is lightweight, and very strong. Also resistant to corrosion, acetate offers a very rich coloring which can be mixed for a ton of gorgeous color options.

Lightweight and affordable, plastic is an ideal watch material for an active lifestyle. This is why sport watches and children's watches are usually plastic. Plastic is fairly durable although some plastic watches are designed to be disposable.

Plastics are Hypoallergenic 

Plastic or resin watch bands may have a plastic or stainless steel watch case. Where the case is plastic and the watch band plastic, resin or silicone, the watch is metal free and perfect for people with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. Swatch offers fun and stylish metal free watches made from plastic and silicone.

Plastic and resin watches are easy to care for as they only need wiping with a soft cloth. However, it scratches easily and it may break or snap after use.

Fun Fact: The world's first mechanical plastic watch, the Astrolon, was unveiled by Tissot in 1971. It was also referred to as the IDEA 2001 and was made to be completely disposable.

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